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Happy Thanksgiving Magnacustomers!

Happy Thanksgiving

Woohoo! Thanksgiving is HERE! For this reason, we want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving to all our Magnacustomers! Happy Thankgiving Today is an important day to say thanks and be greatful. Is an important moment to forget about bad things and be thankful of all the things that have happened during this year. For […]

Buying Beautiful Wholesale Flowers Online

Buying Flowers On-line

Buying Flowers Online can be a little bit difficult, but don’t worry! We will let you know how to do it in a better way. Buying Flowers Online tips: People love flowers, but sometimes you can’t find what you are searching. Sometimes even the florists around the corner of your house doesn’t offer the best […]

Black Roses On Black Friday

Black roses in black Friday

OMG the best discounts all around the world are comming! Don’t miss our Black Roses in black Friday deals! Black Roses On Black Friday Black Friday happens the next day after celebrating Thanksgiving. This shopping event mark the beggining of the Christimas shopping season. For this reason, many retailers open super early and offer special discounts. […]

Cyber Monday Wholesale Flower Deals

Cyber monday flower deals

Cyber Monday wholesale flower deals are almost here! Cyber Monday After Black Friday, many companies celebrate Cyber Monday. The name Cyber Monday name was given to encourage customers to buy online. This day has become one of the biggest online shopping days of the year. For this reason, Magnaflor will offer a great discount for […]

Magnaflor: The Best Online Wholesale Flower Retailer


Do you want to know more about our wholesale flower business? Magnaflor is an Ecuadorian company that exports flowers worldwide. Our History:  Ten years ago, Alexis our CEO, lived in New York. When he was living outside Ecuador, he fell in love with a woman. He tried to win her heart and he tried to […]

Beautiful Wholesale Thanksgiving Flowers

thanksgiving flowers

Thanskgiving is in 9 days!  Have you sent a Thanksgiving card to your family and friends? Don’t worry! If you forgot to do it, we have a solution! Send some Thanksgiving flowers and express your thanks with them. Make this Thanksgiving unique and impress all your significan others. Saying thanks is important during thanksgiving season. […]

The Best Flower Tea Options

flower tea

Do you like drinking tea? Nothing best than driking real flower tea and enjoy the pure and fresh flavor that they can offer. Many of this flowers you can grow them in your garden or at home, you can even buy dried flowers. Also, you can find these flower teas in markets that will sell […]

Flower Cuisine: The Magic of Flowers In Food


Flower cuisine goes back in time thousands of years to the Greek, Roman and Chinese cultures. The uses of flowers can be a aesthetic way of making your dishes look colorful and fancy but the can also add flavor. You can find many different kinds of flowers like floral, fragan, herbacious and spicy too. You can […]

Flower Therapy: The Secret Is The Color

flower therapy

Learn more about the flower therapy. Recently studies at Rutgers University have determined that people that receive flowers experience an elevation in their mood that lasts for several days. The secret of this is their color. The colors create different frequencies of light which travel through the eyes. Once this stimulus is sent the neurotransmitters […]

Buy Halloween Flowers

  Normally when we think about Halloween the only things that come to our minds are skeletons, pumpkins and candy. But, if you are looking to do something different and unconventional, why not try a fresh flower arrangement? There are many ways to arrange Halloween flowers so keep reading and you will find out more […]