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The Best Wedding Flowers You’ve Never Heard Of: Part 1

At Magnaflor we have the best wedding flowers. Wedding flowers are always the stars at any wedding. If the couple isn’t careful an impressive floral arrangement or top quality flower can overshadow the couple themselves! Classic varieties come in white, peach, cream and lavender. But luckily there is a place in the world that is […]

Premium Spray Roses, the sweetest of the flowers


We love the “small” details, and we know that you too Say that the best comes in a small container and we can verify it in an infinite number of cases. We also know that everyone loves flowers and especially roses, but imagine those same miniature roses … it sounds adorable true. Nature is magnificent […]

Differences between traditional roses and spray roses


Today we will know some characteristics and differences between the traditional rose variety and the spray rose variety that we already knew in depth. The floral world consists of an immense variety of species, each of them with a complex structure and despite the fact that certain varieties belong to the same family, they always […]

Environment friendly farms


Human impact on the world has been very alarming Year after year the climatic conditions change significantly the ecosystems of our planet damaging the habitat of plants and animal species. Damaging like that in the short term, will affect us, our absurd desire for progress as a species promotes deforest felling, habitat destruction, negative impact […]

Black roses, more than just roses

Black roses, more than just roses

Flowers, as we know, are part of our life and not only for special occasions as many of us think Wherever they are placed they give an environment of naturalness and unparalleled beauty, thus the type of flower, the color or the origin depends a lot on the particular taste of each person because all […]

Living Coral: the color of your wedding!


This year the trends may not fit everyone, but ultimately our recommendation for those who still doubt whether or not to try this or that style, we tell them to risk a little. Dare to try something new and with it to stand out, be prepared because all eyes will be on you, the avant-garde […]

Woooow … It’s time to experience something new, centers and hanging flowers.


Every year wedding trends change or renew Finding the right design for your wedding day is not always easy. Although great ideas are not missing, it can be difficult to know which of them really work together. One thing is for sure: You want to avoid busy and messy decorations that will leave your guests […]

WEDDINGS!!!! Say BYE to the rustic style, HELLO to the natural.

The new era of green arrived The tendency is to bring the natural to your event, even in a closed environment. The ideal is the subtlety of detail, not overloading the spaces but rather something with fresh style or maybe arrangements that have movement in a same direction focusing on the greens. Green is now […]