Valentine’s Roses | Magnaflor

Valentine’s Roses | Magnaflor


Despite the delay wiht the Valentine’s Roses in Quito during the Valentine’s week, the Valentine’s week was a success. The roses were big and gorgeous.

According to Flowersandcents: “The major issue seemed to be logistics out of Quito that delayed shipments. With that Said here is one Quito growers experience.”

“Vday treated us well in terms of production, weather, quality and demand; however there were many issues with flight availability, delays, lack of cold room space at some local cargo agencies.  Overall satisfied customers!” From: Ecoroses

The Freedom rose was again the best seller this year, the Freedom rose is known for being the flower of love, a classic red rose and the most popular red rose of the world. The Freedom rose is also able to produce stems over 1.50m tall! That’s 59 inches! This amazing rose is grown in the volcanic soil of Ecuador at 2850 meters over sea level. Since this rose is closer to the sun and get more natural light the whole year, the flowers grow stronger, bigger, with an amazing red color.

The roses from Magnaflor have a vase life of approximately 2 weeks, we never store the roses.

They only get cut one day before the departure in Ecuador.

The explorer rose was also really popular during the Valentine’s season. This variety is a deep velvety rose with a large bloom and a long stem. This rose has one of the largest blooms.

For our surprise during the Valentine’s week the tinted black rose was a success for Magnaflor.

Black Roses are a natural-looking black rose bud! The color black has always been synonymous with death and mourning. This Black rose is a rose that has had its petals artificially colored. It seems the Black Rose has now become a part of the group of Valentine’s Roses.



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