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Wholesale Roses Ecuador – Why Are They The Best Roses In The World?

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Explore The Mystery of Rainbow Roses

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Explore The Mystery of Rainbow Roses Rainbow roses are a whole mystery and for many farms a secret. The rainbow rose normally doesn’t get sprayed with colors but uptakes the ink in a natural way.The Dutch flower company was the first company who realized this was possible, the owner Peter van de Werken, who produced […]

Luxury Roses


Luxury Roses Luxury Roses are also called AAA quality roses and are famous for being spectacular. But how can you recognize Luxury roses?, actually it’s very simple, the head of the rose is usually larger, and the colors are vibrant and intense. Where do luxury roses come from? Luxury Roses comes from one place on earth […]

Where Can I Buy Cheap Roses

Where can I buy cheap Roses?. A very popular question these days, and we bring you the answer. If you are really looking for cheap roses it’s always better to buy your roses from…

Stop and Smell the Ecuadorian Roses


Stop and Smell the Ecuadorian Roses Romance, Responsibility and Respectability Allows Ecuador to Blossom With AmericansLOS ANGELES, CA–(Marketwire – November 12, 2009) – If you’ve ever received a bouquet of colorful, bold roses that took your breath away, chances are they came from Ecuador. According to The Trade Commission of Ecuador, the country’s year-round perfect […]

Every Rose Has a Mission

Rose Origins  On Thursday, March 30, 2017 we visited our flower growers, our rose origins, in Ecuador. It is important to understand that roses have different origins. Having an origin in Ecuador automatically is raising the value and quality of the rose. So why is that? Why does a rose’s origins determine its value on […]

Every Rose Has A Mission


Rose Farms: Every Rose Has A Mission On Wednesday March 22, 2017 we visited our rose farms In Ecuador. The farms in Ecuador make sure to nurture these flowers with the greatest care. These farmers are the best of the best and have been honing their craft for decades.Ecuador has the flowers with the strongest stems, […]