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Tinted Roses For My Wedding Flowers?

Are tinted flowers right for my wedding? This may be a question going around and around in your mind as you begin the difficult task of choosing wedding flowers for your big day. So, are they the right choice?As you read through this article you will learn about the process used to create these varieties […]

The Best Wedding Flowers You’ve Never Heard Of: Part 1

At Magnaflor we have the best wedding flowers. Wedding flowers are always the stars at any wedding. If the couple isn’t careful an impressive floral arrangement or top quality flower can overshadow the couple themselves! Classic varieties come in white, peach, cream and lavender. But luckily there is a place in the world that is […]

Garden Roses: All the Stats, Facts, and Data You’ll Ever Need to Know


Do you love garden roses? Or do you not really know what they are? Have you heard the term going around in recent years but aren’t quite sure what the difference is between a garden rose and a regular rose? Would you like to find out more? There’s plenty to learn about the beautiful, elegant, […]

How do guys feel when receiving flowers?


Why do girls like flowers so much?


Premium Spray Roses, the sweetest of the flowers


We love the “small” details, and we know that you too Say that the best comes in a small container and we can verify it in an infinite number of cases. We also know that everyone loves flowers and especially roses, but imagine those same miniature roses … it sounds adorable true. Nature is magnificent […]

5 Questions You Might Be Afraid to Ask About Quicksand Roses

5 Questions You Might Be Afraid to Ask About Quicksand Roses

Do you love Quicksand Roses? Are you interested in using them to decorate with? Or do you find yourself still a little bit confused about what they are and how you can use them in your home or at your big events? Quicksand roses may be a little different than some of the other roses […]

Tips for moments of crisis.


We know that industries in general have suffered a sharp global decline lately and the flower industry is no exception… The issue of COVID-19 has made a big impression on us and we cannot stop.If you are a florist, this topic is definitely of your interest. The last months have been very hard and sometimes […]

COVID-19 impacts the florists

COVID-19 impacts the florists

COVID-19 impacts the market. So as a florist you must be prepared…The new virus known as COVID-19 is having a very significant impact on world markets and florists are in large part being affected by their local businesses.Every day it becomes a bigger challenge since floral retail businesses mostly depend on the traffic of people […]

The really meaning of the flowers


Did you know that the history of flowers dates back to ancient Greece? It was there that they made themselves known and their meanings and uses were implanted. From there on, the West took that knowledge to stay to this day.Thus it is known that each flower has its particular meaning, we can express feelings […]