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Roses Heal And Illuminate Life

Three Incredible Roses For Someone Fighting A Battle

There is an old saying that goes “It’s the thought that counts.” Nothing could be truer if you have been going through a tough time, or striving to overcome difficult circumstances. It is wonderful to know that someone cares for you and that they are thinking of you as you move forward. Receiving a beautiful bouquet of roses can really brighten your day and give you a feeling of positivity when you need it most. To put it simply, roses heal. Here are three perfect varieties to give to someone who has been fighting a battle.

Rainbow Roses

Rainbows are a natural phenomenon of beauty. They represent to us the end of a storm and moving out of darker times. They are a powerful symbol of life, hope, promise, and something better for the future. Dolly Parton famously said, “If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.” If you have been fighting a personal battle, the image of the rainbow at the end of it can help you move forward .Rainbow roses are incredibly positive, and a perfect gift for someone needing hope and strength.

Comet Roses

Comet roses from the Solar System Collection have a positive meaning attached to them – they represent moving forward. They are ideal to give to someone who has made a real change in their lives, and is coming out the other side. The idea of a looking positively to the future is extremely important if you have been going through a tough time. You can get inspired to create something new in your life as you grow and recover and be encouraged to pursue new hobbies, such as drawing, painting, or pottery. Comet roses are perfect to give to someone who is moving on to new territory and starting a journey, or a new chapter in their life.

Garden Roses

Garden roses represent beauty, freshness and a new season of your life. White roses in particular symbolize a new beginning, something that is incredibly important if you have been going through a hard time. In the language of flowers – Floriography, yellow roses send the message “welcome back,” and they represent joy, caring and friendship. The color is reminiscent of the sun, and radiates warmth and happiness. Combining two different shades of garden rose makes for a beautiful bouquet.

If you are fighting a battle, receiving some beautiful roses can brighten your mood. You will know that someone is caring and looking out for you, because roses heal.

Credits: Cassie Steele

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