Roses Delivery

Roses Delivery

Roses delivery is a great deal! Consumers are starting to become aware of where their flowers come from; nowadays they prefer to buy their flowers from growers. It is not only cheaper but also fun. People rather support flower growers through buying directly from the grower. With Magnaflor you can buy your flowers directly from the farm. With Magnaflor you can buy your flowers from the grower and we will deliver them till you door, we offer around 100 varieties of roses.

roses delivery
Ask yourself where do florists buy their flowers?

We work with the system of purchase on demand, the moment you place an order, is the moment we program so the flowers get cut to be prepared for the shipment that takes only 3-4 days from the departure of the farm, In this way the customer receives the freshest flower possible, we can ensure supreme quality and unbeatable flower duration.

After you have placed your order the flowers get cut and are sorted by quality. At Magnaflor we select only A-Quality flower. Next the roses are transported by truck to the airport maintaining the cool chain of exportation. Before each departure the roses will be checked on Quality. Magnaflor ensures that the roses that are shipped are only of top quality.

The flowers leave Ecuador and arrive in Memphis Tennessee from there; they fly by plane to the city of destination. In the city of destination they go to the FedEx station from there they will be transported by trucks till your door.

Due that the flowers are exportation flowers, they will be sleeping on arrival due to the cool chain of exportation, and therefore it is important you but on arrival, the flowers in water with the cardboard wrap on. Due to the absorption of water and temperature change, the flowers will extend. Keeping the cardboard on; the flowers will extend with a straight stem. After letting the flowers absorb water for several hours; remove the cardboard around.


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