Premium Quality Bulk Wholesale Flowers

Wholesale-Flowers-Magnaflor Premium Quality Bulk Wholesale Flowers

Premium Quality Bulk Wholesale Flowers 

You ask yourself… Where can I buy the best wholesale flowers online, without a doubt the answer is 

That’s because we have the highest quality selection of wholesale flowers worldwide. At magnaflor we have the best roses in the world, Ecuadorian roses, this is our number one endorsement, you will not see our roses in a conventional supermarket.

Wholesale Roses Ecuador – Why Ecuadorian roses are the best in the world 

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We offer you fresh flowers including roses, calla lilies, hydrangea, ranunculus, sunflowers, carnations, chrysanthemums, tulips, greens and more. All these flowers can be found in the most exclusive flower shops and in the arrangements of professional designers. Their experience has led them to choose the top quality flowers.


When you order your wholesale flowers online at, they will arrive fresh and beautiful. If you’re looking for the most beautiful roses (at wholesale prices) or just about any other flower you can imagine, you’ve come to the right place!

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At Magnaflor, we have built our reputation on excellent customer service and the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Here are some of the comments from our customers:

  • “I ordered white roses, white spray roses (Mayra White Garden Rose) and baby’s breath. They arrived on the day we scheduled in beautiful condition. They were all prettier than I could have ever imagined…The roses stayed beautiful for over a week. I did not have to clean the petals after initially removing very few ugly petals.”

  • “Bought 100 roses. They arrived quickly, on time and in great condition. They’re still looking great.”

  • “The roses were perfect, they looked just like the picture. They were beautiful and the person who received them really loved them.”

  • “Gorgeous roses delivered in perfect condition, expertly packed and perfect color.”

Give happiness, give moments, give flowers…


Our team of experts offers advice if you want to buy wholesale wedding flowers. They will help you plan and create stunning bridal bouquets, wedding arrangements, reception flowers, flowers for any occasion

Florists, hotels, restaurants and event planners can arrange standing orders for regularly scheduled deliveries.

Magnaflor is the choice for top quality wholesale flowers at the most affordable prices available to the public.