7 Tips for the care of your Fresh Flowers

Wholesale-Flowers-Magnaflor: 6 Tips for the care of your Fresh Flowers

7 Tips for the care of your Fresh Flowers

Your flowers are already at home, what’s next?

Magnaflor is a wholesale flower company that exports all over the world. We have more than 150 farms and we have a wide variety of flowers for you to choose from. Here are our tips to make your flowers last as long as possible with all their splendor.

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1. Fresh Flowers – Protective Petals:

Flowers that come directly from farms still have their protective outer petals. These petals usually are the ones that are responsible for protecting the rose from the damage it may suffer on the journey to you… Once your roses are home, you can remove these petals.

Doing so will automatically give your flowers a new look. Remove each petal by gently grasping it at the bottom and giving it a slight tug.

Wholesale-Flowers-Magnaflor: 6 Tips for the care of your Fresh Flowers 3

2. Fresh Flowers – Water now!

Your flowers have traveled a long way to get to you, during shipping the flowers remain in a state of hibernation known as the export cold chain. To cheer up your flowers we recommend giving them some fresh water as soon as possible until it’s time to prepare them. 

By buying wholesale flowers you can get the best fresh flowers directly from the farms.

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3. Fresh Flowers – Tight buds:

Buy your flowers at a tight bud stage, so you can watch them transform into full blooms. When flowers come to you in tight bud form, you’ll be able to enjoy them longer and watch them transform. At magnaflor our wholesale flowers are cut at the time you place your order, this is an advantage because the freshness of the flowers is 100% guaranteed.

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4. Fresh Flowers – Trim the stems:

The tips of the stems of your roses are sure to be dry after delivery, this makes it hard for them to drink water. We recommend cutting 1 inch off the stem at a 45-degree angle, rather than straight across, this allows for more surface area and greater water absorption. 


5. Fresh Flowers – The Vase:

Find a large vase that will fully hold and support your flowers. A very important fact is to make sure to clean it with soap and water, this will ensure that no bacteria can harm your flowers.

6. Fresh Flowers – Find the perfect spot:

We recommend that you keep your flowers away from sunlight as much as possible. Direct sunlight can damage your flowers and dehydrate the petals. To prevent the flowers from drying out, keep them away from sunlight and fans. 

The durability of the flowers also depends on the quality of the flowers, whether you buy wholesale roses, carnations, or any type of flower, you will be sure to receive a quality product when you work with a good company like Magnaflor.

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7. Fresh Flowers – Change the water:

Be sure to change the water every two to three days to keep your flowers fresh.

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