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Flower Cuisine: The Magic of Flowers In Food


Flower cuisine goes back in time thousands of years to the Greek, Roman and Chinese cultures. The uses of flowers can be a aesthetic way of making your dishes look colorful and fancy but the can also add flavor. You can find many different kinds of flowers like floral, fragan, herbacious and spicy too.You can […]

Buy Halloween Flowers

Do you want to find the perfect vase in Halloween Season? Normally when we think about Halloween the only things that come to our minds are skeletons, pumpkins and candy. But, if you are looking to do something different and unconventional, why not try a fresh flower arrangement? There are many ways to arrange Halloween […]

Wholesale Roses For Every Occasion All Year


Why Do Wholesale Roses Make the Perfect Gift All Year Round? Wholesale Roses may be associated with Valentine’s, yet they make the perfect gift at any time of the year, and not just for a romantic interest. According to the traditional Language of Flowers list, the key to sending the right message, is the color of […]

Day Of The Dead Wholesale Flowers

La Catrina

Do you know the story about the Day Of The Dead and our wholesale flowers called La Catrina? Day of the Dead The ritual dates back 3,000 years and people still celebrate it. Every November 1st and 2nd, people would visit the cementery. People visit where their families and significant others were buried. As a […]

Simple and Easy Halloween Decoration Tips


Halloween Is Just 7 Days Away! It’s time to start preparing all the decorations for your house, office, parties, etc. We know sometimes we run out of ideas of ways to decorate our moments, but this is the best season to let your imagination flow. The right Halloween flower arrangement can provide the right atmosphere for your […]

Roses Heal And Illuminate Life

roses illuminate life

Three Incredible Roses For Someone Fighting A Battle There is an old saying that goes “It’s the thought that counts.” Nothing could be truer if you have been going through a tough time, or striving to overcome difficult circumstances. It is wonderful to know that someone cares for you and that they are thinking of […]

Countless Ways To Use Roses

How To Use Roses In Your Home Design Beyond The VaseA bunch of roses has the ability to instantly put a smile on someone’s face.  Giving someone a simple bouquet of flowers can change their mood, encourage a positive outlook and a great addition to your interior design which boosts your home’s value. In the home, use roses for the […]

Halloween Is Coming!

Halloween roses

Halloween is coming! Want to highlight from the rest? With MAGNAFLOR’s Halloween Roses you can!!! One of the most exciting and mysterious tradition is coming and is around the block. This tradition is all up to using October 31st astounding customs. But do you really want to impress that special someone? With MAGNAFLOR we have […]

Go Green At Work With Wholesale Flowers

Go Green Offices Can Go Green And Always Be In BloomHouseplants can remove up to 87% of toxins in the air within a 24 hour period. So, with the corporate environment being notoriously stuffy at times, creating a green space at your office might be a step in the right direction towards fighting the toxins caused […]

Preserved Roses


Have you ever been so frustrated due that flowers don’t last forever and you can only have them for only few days? Well in MAGNAFLOR you can find the solution, with our selection of preserved roses. Preserved Roses are one of our newest products in our catalogue. What makes so interesting this product is that […]