St. Patrick’s Day 2019: Beyond Shamrocks


St. Patrick’s Day has has become something beyond celebrating the Irish saint who is said to have brought Christianity to the island.

For some the day is still a time to mourn the loss of the man, but for most the day is for celebrating Ireland and its traditions. Join Magnaflor in celebrating St. Patrick’s Day by honoring the contributions of the Irish all around the world.One of the well-known traditions is to wear green and to display green. Magnaflor can help you display green import flowers from Ecuador in your home, office or business! The St. Patrick’s Day celebration is always the same, green colors, liquor and some pinching of those who decide not to participate. You can always settle for the drugstore paper leprechaun decorations or the classic felt shamrocks, but why not really wow the crowd? Order green and/or green and white tinted roses from Magnaflor.

These flowers are of the highest quality and are put through a very sophisticated process to get that classic Irish green hue. They are perfect for the bar, the home or the office. You will have guests stopping to stare at these unique flowers! We also offer preserved Ecuadorian roses that make amazing gifts for colleagues, friends and family. Give your guests a bit of the Irish spirit to take home with them. When they place the rose in a prominent place in their home they will remember that moment with you. These preserved roses last between 3-5 years with the proper care.These special St. Patrick’s Day flowers take some time to create, so make sure that you order quickly so you can have them a day or two before the big day. You will not want to wait, these are going to be in very high demand! Buy flowers from Ecuador for the very best results!Credit: Austin Stewart