Christmas Flowers

Christmas Flowers

Christimas is in less than a week and it is time to learn about the typical Christmas Flowers to decorate.

Christmas is a moment to gather with friends and family to have a special night. For this reason, many people decorate their houses to impress their friends. The Christmas spirit is so magic andĀ it spreads to everyone around. So it is time for you to find out more about flowers to decorate your ocassion during this Christmas holiday season.

Christmas Flowers list

Poinsettia is one of the most endemic flowers that it is used to decorate during Christmas season. This flower is bright and mostly red color. Since the red color is intense it gives more energy to your home during the Christmas. One important fact, it is that this flower is native from southern Mexico and Central America. For some, these star shape is a symbol that represents the star of Bethlehem. For this reason, this flower is so important during Christmas season.Christmas rose is a well known flower for this season. This flower only blooms during winter in central Europe.

According to legends the Christmas flower is linked with the birth of Christ and a modest shepherd maiden named Madelon. As Madelon tended her sheep one cold and wintry night, the wise men and other shepherds passed by the snow-covered field with their gifts for the Christ Child. The wise men carried the rich gifts of gold, myrrh and frankincense and the shepherds, fruits, honey and doves. Poor Madelon began to weep at the thought of having nothing to offer, not even a simple flower for the Newborn King, as she was very poor indeed. And as she stood there weeping, a passing angel saw her sorrow. The angel bent down and brushed the snow at her feet aside then revealing the most beautiful white flower tipped with pink – the Christmas Rose. (The Flower Expert)

Mistletoe is another option for Christmas decorations. A mistletoe is a Christmas flower originated from the Pagans. During Christmas season, priests used to use this flower in the winter celebrations because even when devoid of roots, ir remained green during the cold winter. A typical tradition is to kiss under the mistletoe. This tradition have been followed for several years.


In Magnaflor, we have many different varieties of flowers that can be perfect for decorating your Christmas events. We can offer you for Christmas flowers: white and red roses. Also, we have a a lot of greenery perfect for decoration. In addition, don’t forget to check our DIY Bouquets, we have some special edition bouquets for this season.

Credits: Paola Mejia