Flower Songs Bring Joy


Flower songs are some of the most vivid and relatable.

Flowers are symbols of beauty, birth, coming of age and death. These are concepts that all of us can engage. Flowers are so universal that people do not have to speak the same language to understand the message of flowers.At Magnaflor we offer 450 varieties of flowers that come direct from the farms. When you get the freshest wholesale flowers at the best wholesale prices you are honoring yourself and your loved ones, but also the art of cultivation. These flowers are treated with tender loving care. The same tender loving care that artists use when they create a painting or music.Here are three very famous songs that use flower imagery. There are many more, feel free to explore!

San Francisco – Scott McKenzie

https://youtu.be/bch1_Ep5M1sIt was the 1960s, the USA masses were awakening from the conformity and attitudes of their depression era parents. Scott McKenzie writes a flower song to express that flowers are a symbol of joy and new life. A rebirth for the youth of the USA, they could be their own person and didn’t have to follow the path of their parents.

Yankee Rose – David Lee Roth

https://youtu.be/C8XnCVA5-6IDavid Lee Roth, famous for his quick wit, street lyrics and his pitched vocal screams released his first full solo album in 1986. The first single was Yankee Rose. Roth used the rose to symbolize uniqueness and beauty. The Yankee Rose was actually the Statue of Liberty. Roth states, “There is nothing like her in the whole world,” and we agree. Roses and the Statue of Liberty are very striking and very unique.

Kiss From A Rose – Seal

https://youtu.be/DKsBmiDuSC4 Seal had a huge hit in 1994 with this iconic track. Seal decided to write a flower song to convey that people can change and bring light into an otherwise dark world. We feel the same about roses, and as they bloom they bring incredible joy and can show us that life isn’t always a dark depressing place. These types of people and flowers are addicting and once we taste that joy we never want to give that up. We all should be kissed by a rose at some point in our lives.Credit: Austin Stewart