Red Roses – Express Your Love

Red Rose

The red rose not only carries the deepest meaning among all the rose colors – it is one of the universal symbols of love and affection. It is an expression of love. Red roses convey deep emotions – be it love, longing or desire. Roses are the number one commercially grown flower in the world, outselling all other cut flowers. Part of their appeal is that they can be grown in various or even mixes of different colours. So just how do you choose the right color rose to suit the right occasion? With the color guide, you’ll be able to pick out the right rose to send the ideal message to your loved ones.Classic red roses are a favorite for romantics and people wishing to demonstrate their heartfelt affection for that special someone. They symbolize intimacy, beauty, passion, and other similar emotions. The gesture of a single red rose on Valentine’s Day or a bouquet of a dozen or more symbolizes a deep passionate love for another person. Red roses transmit intense and lasting emotions, which is why they are the perfect gift to express the feeling of love without words. Romantic messages sent with flowers are one of the most beautiful ways to express your feelings. As the practice of exchanging roses and other flowers to show affection grew more popular, the red rose became the flower of choice for lovers because it sends the strongest message of love. It is the definitive symbol for romantic feelings and represents a true love. This tradition still lives on to the present day. For all you die-hard romantics, who simply can’t wait for Valentine’s Day to come around, simply send flowers with a romantic message attached and let that special person in your life know how much they mean to you.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Kick it off right with an early surprise! This February, celebrate with flowers for your valentine from!

By Shilpa – Magnaflor