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The Best Wedding Flowers You’ve Never Heard Of: Part 3

At Magnaflor we have the best wedding flowers. Wedding flowers are always the stars at any wedding. If the couple isn’t careful an impressive floral arrangement or top quality flower can overshadow the couple themselves! Classic varieties come in white, peach, cream and lavender. But luckily there is a place in the world that is […]

Red Roses – Express Your Love

Red Rose The red rose not only carries the deepest meaning among all the rose colors – it is one of the universal symbols of love and affection. It is an expression of love. Red roses convey deep emotions – be it love, longing or desire. Roses are the number one commercially grown flower in […]

All Wholesale Roses Created Equal?


All wholesale roses created equal? The short answer is no.The quality, bloom size and strength of fresh roses, of any color, is not standard. Most of us go to our local grocery store or order same day delivery when we want to purchase roses for our home or a loved one. Usually we have a […]

Red Roses

Red Roses, the roses of love

Red Roses The Meaning Red roses are the sign of love and desire, a red rose evoques passion and seduction, it’s an universal icon for love and it’s the favorite rose in Valentine’s Day. Giving Red Roses to somebody is a strong way to say I love you. Every color have psychological influences over the people; […]