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Red Roses – Express Your Love

Red Rose The red rose not only carries the deepest meaning among all the rose colors – it is one of the universal symbols of love and affection. It is an expression of love. Red roses convey deep emotions – be it love, longing or desire. Roses are the number one commercially grown flower in […]

All Wholesale Roses Created Equal?


All wholesale roses created equal? The short answer is no.The quality, bloom size and strength of fresh roses, of any color, is not standard. Most of us go to our local grocery store or order same day delivery when we want to purchase roses for our home or a loved one. Usually we have a […]

Surprises From Magnaflor

2019 is here with surprises from Magnaflor! We are so happy to start this new year with the right foot and with the best customers ever.We want to firstly say thanks for being part of our company and for trusting us this past 2018. For this reason, there are surprises from Magnaflor that we have […]

New Year’s Flowers

2019 is Coming And It Is Time For New Year’s Flowers In just 5 days we will be able to say goodbye to 2018 and welcome 2019. This year has been awesome. We have made some changes to give our customers the best service. We are looking forward for this 2019 and be able to […]

Christmas Flowers

Christmas Flowers

Flowers Abroad – Exploring Global Flowers

Flowers abroad

Traveling is one of the best things that you can do. Exploring flowers abroad is also a great idea because sometimes you can find the best quality of flowers. When traveling many people love going to the touristic places and buy the traditional gifts of each country. Nevertheless, it’s important to check and try the […]

New Products

New Products

DIY Bouquets: One Of Our New Products One of our new products was created by our Product Manager, Paul Cevallos. He has come up with a really good idea, not seen in the flower market before. He has created the “I Did It Myself Bouquet” and Magnaflor will be able to export it around the […]

Rose Meanings

Rose Meanings

Did you know that roses have different meanings? In this blog I will explain you the different rose meanings and the best ocassions to give them as presents. Many people love roses and buy the color that they want. But, it is important to know their meanings. For this reason, is better to learn the […]

Engagement Season

Engagement Season

OMG it’s ENGAGEMENT SEASON! Did you know that 40% of all engagements happen between November and Valentine’s Day? Engagement Season According to the knot, one of the most famous websites about weddings this fact it’s true. Many people get engaged around this dates. For this reason, if you have a friend that has just been […]

Today’s Best Deals

Today's Best Deals

Are you tired of entering to online shops that doesn’t offer you any kind of discounts and deals? Today’s Best Flower Deals at Magnaflor webpage are going to make you crazy. We are happy to introduce this idea to our company and make our customers happier with the best weekly selection of flowers.Many companies offer […]