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5 Great Lessons You Can Learn From Getting Wholesale Flowers Online

Do you want to try buying bulk flowers online? Have you found yourself faced with nothing but bad or confusing advice about the process and experience? Would you like to find out some great lessons you might be able to learn when you buy your flowers in bulk online? If any of this sounds like you, […]

Fresh Cut Flowers: The Future

Fresh cut flowers are and have been popular since many varieties were domesticated for personal and commercial uses centuries ago. We know now that fresh cut flowers can be purchased at farms, local distributors and online. So where is the flower business going? We have some thoughts. In terms of the flowers themselves we are […]

5 Questions You Might Be Afraid to Ask About Quicksand Roses

5 Questions You Might Be Afraid to Ask About Quicksand Roses

Do you love Quicksand Roses? Are you interested in using them to decorate with? Or do you find yourself still a little bit confused about what they are and how you can use them in your home or at your big events? Quicksand roses may be a little different than some of the other roses […]

So You’ve Bought Black Roses For Sale … Now What?

So You've Bought Black Roses For Sale ... Now What?

If you love the look of Black Roses but aren’t sure exactly what to do with them once you have them in hand, don’t worry. A lot of people find themselves in similar situations, committing to these elegant deep roses without having a solid plan in mind when purchasing them. There are many factors to […]

History of Mother’s Day Flowers

The day of honoring all mothers in the United States began with one woman, Anna Jarvis, wanting to honor her own mother, Ann Reeves Jarvis, for looking after wounded soldiers during the American Civil War. Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her mother in West Virginia in 1908, which is considered the first Mother’s Day, […]

Next Day Flowers: The Real Truth

We get it. Sometimes you need flowers ASAP. Online flower retailers are more than happy to accommodate your needs, but what they do not tell you is that the flowers they are sending you for these last minute requests can sometimes be up to 14 days old. What do we mean by 14 days old? […]

The Best Kept Secrets About Black Magic Roses


Have you ever seen a Black Magic rose? You may have noticed these beautiful blooms before, even if you’ve never heard the name. This is a particular variation of rose that is popular in weddings and other romantic situations. But there’s more to this type of rose than simply romance, and you may be interested to […]

5 Stats about Vendela Roses to Make You Look Smart around the Water Cooler

5 Stats about Vendela Roses to Make You Look Smart

Have you ever heard of Vendela roses? This name is not quite as well-known outside of the wedding planning circuit, but it’s actually one of the most popular and beloved types of wedding roses available. If you’ve ever seen a wedding bouquet with roses involved, they were probably Vendela roses. Of course, this doesn’t mean […]

Garden Roses: All the Stats, Facts, and Data You’ll Ever Need to Know


Do you love garden roses? Or do you not really know what they are? Have you heard the term going around in recent years but aren’t quite sure what the difference is between a garden rose and a regular rose? Would you like to find out more? There’s plenty to learn about the beautiful, elegant, […]

The Worst Advice You Could Ever Get about Bulk Flowers Online


So you’re thinking about buying bulk flowers online. That’s great! Doing this can make a big difference in your flower purchasing experience, especially when you’re trying to decorate for a big event. However, you might hear a lot of conflicting advice and information from well-meaning friends and family if you choose to go this route. In […]