8 Flowers To Increase The Energetic Field of Your Home According to Feng Shui

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This is a subject that we are very passionate about, the energy of flowers and their healing powers have already been studied in countless researches and they have conclude that the benefits of having them in our habitat are countless; they provide us with positive emotions, they elevate our energy and even have the ability to assist in healing our physical body.

This is the perfect time to experience the benefits of flowers in our lives. We have been dealing with many difficult moments. Depression and loneliness has increased and people have seen how this has taken a toll on their physical and mental health as a result of the confinement produced by the pandemic. This crisis has also added other stressors in our lives such as job losses, inflation and division. 

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Now more than ever it has been demonstrated that the presence of nature, whether plants or flowers in academic spaces, the home and offices, increases the ability to concentrate and reduces illness rates. Due to the increasing inflation, a good idea is to order from a wholesale flowers website.

Another important thing to note is that according to Feng Shui, flowers are the true sources of energy and are very favorable to balance your home’s Chi. Magnaflor recommends you to fill yourself with
flowers, whether you find them in nature, buy them in your favorite florist or simply by ordering flowers online. Flowers’ aromas and presence will make you feel better, they will help you beautify and refresh your spaces. They release an energy flow, thus balancing your mind, so your days become increasingly more positive and energetic. You can choose roses, carnations, orchids, etc. There are so many options!

Within Feng Shui, the plants and flowers that are recommended to harmonize homes, bring prosperity and benefit us with a myriad of positive attributes, are the following:


Either as a shrub and tree, it is a plant that has been used since ancient times in China. It symbolizes strength, longevity and prosperity. It is a plant widely used in homes because it is connected with the five Chinese elements:  Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Feel free to place these anywhere in your home or office!

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There is a reason why Lavender is so popular! These calming flowers ideal’s place is in the entrance of the home. These Flowers are excellent protectors and also purify the environment.  Flowers like these illuminate the spirit and transmit tranquility, security and help us reduce anger.

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Roses have the ability to increase sensitivity and are related to love and compassion depending on their color and fragrance. Good for romance, and they may also help improve memory! 

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Keeping them very small and placing them near any electronics and out of immediate circulation helps to remove electrostatic charge from electronics, such as your computer, phone and TV. Ideal for good Chi or energy flow, Succulents harmonize energy fields and they welcome the company of other plants.

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Dollar Coin

These flowers speak for themselves! They are related to wealth and prosperity. They are good conductors of Chi or energy, symbolizing longevity because they bloom in autumn and are related to being able to maintain employment.

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 These beautiful flowers are known to strengthen a space’s energy and balance emotions. Best to place them near entrances with their welcoming energy. Due to their shape and fleshy leaving, Lilies symbolize manifestation, abundance and prosperity.

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Lotus Flower

These flowers are one of the most popular among Yogis. This is due to their purification properties and the ability to aid in the reconnection of spirituality. They also aid in maintaining good relationships in general.

Protective plants: rue in conjunction with rhodon, laurel, rosemary, mint and sage.

Don’t hesitate to fill the space where you spend most of your time with good energy flow. Flowers and plants connect us directly with nature and with our state of health and genuine balance. Order flowers online the easy way with magnaflor.com