The Best Wedding Flowers You’ve Never Heard Of: Part 2

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Wedding flowers are always the stars at any wedding. If the couple isn’t careful an impressive floral arrangement or top quality flower can overshadow the couple themselves! Classic varieties come in white, peach, cream and lavender. But luckily there is a place in the world that is blessed enough to be able to grow more than just those colors and many different varieties. That place is Ecuador.This is the second part of a multi-part series that explores beautiful, but to many in North America, unknown varieties of roses that would look amazing in any wedding. Whether you are a bride, bridesmaid, groom or a wedding planner/floral designer, you are going to want to join me in this journey of unknown rose varieties.THE FREE SPIRITWe have all had those moments of disbelief, but in a good way.

The Free Spirit rose provides you with one of those stunning moments each time you are in its presence. It has yellow, peach, orange, red and lavender tones. Each one of these tones is subtle and graceful. The long list of tones may seem exhausting or overwhelming on paper, but when you take a look at a Free Spirit Rose for the first time, you will be in awe at how well each of these tones blend together. The colors really transport you into a different dimension. A dimension not only of sight and sound, but of heart. It is the heart-centered nature of this flower that makes it the perfect choice for your indoor or outdoor wedding celebration. There is both an elegant and playful vibe given off by this flower which pleases not only the most stuffy guest, but also the most free spirited of the attendees. The best wedding flowers are not always the ones that we see all of the time.

This rose will certainly not be tuned out by your guests, the subtle complexities will always keep them guessing and will encourage them to take a closer look from many different angles.Need flowers for more than just the arrangements? Throw some of these Free Spirits into a bridal bouquet! They work great for corsages and boutonnieres as well.They say you cannot please everybody, but the Free Spirit comes very very close.

Pictured above: Free Spirit RoseCredit: Austin Stewart