Tinted Roses For My Wedding Flowers?

Are tinted flowers right for my wedding?

This may be a question going around and around in your mind as you begin the difficult task of choosing wedding flowers for your big day. So, are they the right choice?As you read through this article you will learn about the process used to create these varieties and you will be given examples that you can explore for your wedding day.Tinted roses are certainly not the most traditional wedding flower. However, not everyone is after a traditional day.

Now more than ever, brides and grooms are deciding to celebrate the day of their marriage in their own way. This includes unusual locations and non-traditional color palettes for wedding roses.Many have never seen a tinted rose before. Tinted varieties will bring a certain freshness to your wedding that the classics simply cannot. Unnatural colors on such an organic product is bold. But we and many others think this is a bold move in a good way. In the 21st century, we only expect more and more bold colors and vibes. What these tinted varieties will do is show that you and your partner do things your own way and are not afraid to go against the trends.

These are characteristics that your guests will find as a breath of fresh air. Often times your guests have already attended weddings prior to your own and probably have more to attend after yours. By playing with the decor, your wedding will be the one they take home with them after the end of the wedding season.You like silver and gold? Don’t worry, we have it! You like the colors of the rainbow? We have that too, in many variations. We carry a rainbow rose with multiple colors along with bi-color varieties that can be arranged in endless combinations.What tinted roses offer is something out of the ordinary. There is beauty in the ordinary, we totally get it, but sometimes ordinary beauty does not promote engagement. Seeing a beautiful super premium white or cream colored rose is sure to make guests appreciate its quality and its complementary nature, but when you include a multi-colored rose or a tinted bi-color rose, you are bringing wonder to the spirits of your guests! Too often wedding guests just cruise through a wedding.

They shake hands, the brides and grooms say their vows, kiss and then there is some food and hopefully an open bar. The last thing you want to do in 2019 is to have a boring wedding! These tinted varieties offer you an easy way to liven up the celebration.Also, beyond not having a boring wedding, you are going to be spending a lot of money on the bouquets and other floral arrangements.

Why spend so much money on premium roses and flowers if they are not going to make a splash? Due to the tinting techniques that have been perfected over the years, you are no longer obligated to play by the basic color rules. If you are going make the floral investment, make it something that you and your guests are going to remember. You can do this easily by purchasing wholesale flowers online.You will see some examples of these varieties below, but keep in mind, if you have a color idea please let us at Magnaflor.com know and we can see if we can make your desired color combination a reality.

We love hearing from you!While non-traditional color palettes open up the color playbook in a big way, tinted roses, as you will see below, can compliment a more basic palette as well.Tinted flowers, when purchased from a reliable vendor like Magnaflor.com, are works of art. The process contains multiple steps and some of the tinted varieties have more depending on the variety desired.The basic tinted flowers usually start with a red or white base flower.

These flowers are then prepped and put through a dying process that allows for dye to be absorbed up through the stem and absorbed into the flowers petals. This process takes a day or two to complete. Some good examples of these basic tinted flowers are:White and Turquoise Tinted RosesWhite and Blue Tinted RosesSun Rose TintedThe more elaborate tinted varieties have some extra steps. In some cases certain varieties are not only absorbing dyes through the stem, but they are also being carefully airbrushed to achieve that special look. Some good examples of these more elaborate varieties are:Gold Airbrushed RosesSilver Airbrushed RosesComet Rose AirbrushedThere are tinted flowers that also contain glitter! These varieties are perfect for a glam wedding! The added glitter provides extra shine for your special day. Some good examples of these glitter roses are:Purple Glitter Tinted RoseFuchsia Glitter Tinted RoseRed Glitter Tinted Rose

Finally, you also have tinted Baby’s Breath. The classic variety of Baby’s Breath is a beautiful white, but try something different by choosing a tinted variety. The tinted Baby’s Breath is achieved by the same means as the basic tinted roses. The dye is absorbed up through the stem to give beautiful colors to this elegant stem. Some lovely examples of tinted Baby’s Breath are:Lavender Tinted Baby’s BreathLight Pink Tinted Baby’s Breath Blue Tinted Baby’s BreathMake your wedding a wedding that will not only be remembered by you and your family, but by everyone who spent the time and money to come and celebrate your love.

A really easy way to give back is to make the decor and the vibe super memorable. Your guests are going to come and be with you because they love you, they do not need any other reason to come and share your day. The best way you can express your appreciation for them is by giving them a wedding that they will go back to their communities and tell their friends about. With these unique tinted wedding flowers at your fingertips, you now have no excuse!Featured image: Ceres RoseCredit: Austin Stewart