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Living Coral: the color of your wedding!

This year the trends may not fit everyone, but ultimately our recommendation for those who still doubt whether or not to try this or that style, we tell them to risk a little. Dare to try something new and with it to stand out, be prepared because all eyes will be on you, the avant-garde is for the risky!

The classic wedding with white and pastel colors will never go out of style, of course, but now we propose a new color that marks your celebration in a charming atmosphere of joy, energy and illuminates that special day. And we don’t just say it, this is what the experts in colors and trends like the Pantone Institute say.

The color of 2019 under the Pantone 16-1546 color code is Living Coral, so if you are thinking of getting married this year, you cannot stop using this color.



A lively and full of vitality tone, a magnificent combination with golden nuances that bring energy and dynamism with a touch of softness. If your thing is to be in the chic and current this color should be the protagonist in your bouquets – spring or summer – and in many details of all seasons


Dahlias, tulips, or carnations, an economic and trendy option. On the other hand you can get light and vitality by combining flowers in various colors with Living Coral that can get a very cheerful result.


According to the psychology of color this tone is associated with happiness and innocence, highlighting the symbols of unconditional love. The symbolic content makes Living Coral a great success in the nuptial environment, whether it is part of the couple’s attire, decoration or even the party costumes that bridesmaids and groomsmen will wear.


Returning to the bouquets and their shape, we suggest that nothing of round and pompous bouquets, the wedding season that is carried is a natural and contrasted style, a size not so precise, but rather light.


Here we remind you that natural style is what is imposed wildly loaded with greens. Choose seasonal flowers, simple but beautiful plants, some examples are eucalyptus, leucadendron, baby breath or ferns in combination with the fantastic color of Living Coral season you will get a very cheerful and sophisticated hue. The final style of these bouquets fascinate; Join the boho-chic brides, getting all the lace to perfection in the wedding decoration.


Now, how to decorate your wedding using the coral color?


The details of the stage that you can wear with this color are diverse, especially if we start with the floral decoration, the Living Coral can become your great ally. Well, We found it in pretty and romantic flowers like the peony or definitely in the classic rose. Imagine using them for your precious arch of flowers in an outdoor environment, a majestic centerpiece or in the decoration of hanging flowers with details of lights or glass.


Use it also at the banquet tables, whether in table linen, crockery or glassware. Combine it with whites, beiges, greens, nudes, lemon yellows, earths, passion reds … These tones provide a harmonious and balanced result.



Surely you are thinking that live coral is too flashy and vibrant, and visual saturation of the decoration, then apply it specifically in small details, perhaps in each guest’s name markers, in the packaging of memories or in hanging details. .. your possibilities are endless.

The bride and groom’s look


Living Coral in some details of your wedding outfit? It can be the veil, the headdress, some embroidery details on your wedding dress, maybe the heels or as we already mentioned some of the flowers of the wedding bouquet.


The groom can not be left out, dyed this tone both in classic dress and in a modern and novel will react beautifully to the color Coral, the handkerchief, the tie, the bow tie or the on will give a unique touch to the outfit of the protagonist man of the big day


The bridesmaids and the godparents


But not everything ends with the look of the bride and groom. Bridesmaids and groomsmen can also wear the Living Coral in their costumes. The bridesmaids will favor the color in their dresses, they will adore the outfit in this tone as part of the bridal team of the bride, if that is not an option you can suggest some detail in this hue, likewise in the bouquet, handkerchief, shoes or jewelry discreetly.

In the same way with the godparents, they can suggest the color in the socks, suspenders, handkerchief, tie or the original embroidered detail. Small details that make a difference …


Credit: Vivian Bermeo

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