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Black roses, more than just roses

Flowers, as we know, are part of our life and not only for special occasions as many of us think, wherever they are placed they give an environment of naturalness and unparalleled beauty, thus the type of flower, the color or the origin depends a lot on the particular taste of each person because all these details give it a special meaning and connect with our personality.

 To be clear;  when choosing for example the rose, the most popular variety in the floral world we know in advance that it is not a flower that is given to anyone, since its meaning is very deep. The rose and its meanings depending on the color are very wide and this time we present an extremely exotic variety, this is the BLACK ROSE.


The color black is defined as the absence of color, this color has been culturally associated with dark and negative meanings; Death, fear and evil. But today all that has changed in context to fashion and style, modern times accommodate new ways of seeing the mysterious as something different, for example in fashion the black suits are the most in demand when considering formal, powerful and sophisticated.

Nature has not yet given us a natural BLACK ROSE and will have its reasons, and so far what is known as black rose is a variety with very dark petals, perhaps a violet and red color resembling black.

 There are some varieties of roses classified as black but as we mentioned before it is an intense dark shade which makes them look like black. One of those varieties in particular is:


    Black Magic Rose – is a hybrid rose originated from the climbing rose ‘Guinee’ e, it was made known in the floral trade in 1997 by Rosen Tantau, a very successful German company dedicated to the cultivation of roses. The unique feature is that at the beginning of its growth, the Black Magic Rose originates black buds and it is at the time of its opening and flowering where its petals are transformed and replace the black hue with a magnificent dark color very similar to black.



Another variety of black flowers is Calla Lily – Zantedeschia aethiopica is the scientific name that receives this peculiar plant that we know as; Creek, water lily, Ethiopian hoop, etc. Depending on your geographical condition. Calla Lily is a delicate flower, which grows in the shade, but still perceiving sunlight. It cannot be exposed to strong blizzards, nor high temperatures as it is a plant of warm origin.


For the most part, people consider the color black as a synonym for depression and sadness. In the language of flowers, black roses or black flowers, in general they are associated with the negative representing pain, sadness and farewell….. but @ Magnaflor we think totally different:

 Black is the color that goes with everything! Anything looks beautiful and elegant in this color. When combined with white flowers give that touch of perfection and elegance. The use of this tone also adds a dramatic impact to a floral arrangement.

 Among the brides, these arrangements become increasingly popular, whether for the traditional bridal bouquet or flower arrangements at the reception this tone is perfect.

 Symbolically they represent a significant positive change (the death of something old) or be the symbol of deep hope and optimism, true romance, eternal love.


These are some of the most relevant meanings of black roses:

 Mourning symbol: the black rose can mean the separation and death of a very important person. Therefore, it is very common to be seen at many funerals where they are given away to the deceased person by a person who loved him unconditionally. Therefore, it is a symbol of mourning and regret that represents the final farewell to a person.

 Symbol of mystery and elegance: giving a bouquet of black roses can also mean that the person who will receive them, is someone elegant, special and distinguished since, as we have explained before, natural black roses are not an easy species of finding.

Message of love and tranquility: if they are given to our partner, especially if only a black rose is given, it means that we love that person in the purest and most delivered way possible.

It can also have a negative connotation: since in the Tarot cards, death is represented by a black rose that symbolizes revenge, impurity and immorality.

 Symbol of stability and tranquility: finally, roses of this color are a symbol of stability and tranquility, since they have always been closely linked with the spiritual.

 As we already mentioned, black roses naturally do not exist, but in Magnaflor we strive to innovate every day, always thinking of surprising you by giving you exclusivity and beauty, that is why we create for you the tinted BLACK ROSE, created from natural processes of conservation, hydration and natural pigmentation expressing freshness and naturality.


Black roses are Magnaflor TOPSELLER!  Our black roses have the greatest charm and it shines for itself. Our clients return again and again due to our quality and service to every detail.


Black roses specifications:


Flower size: 5 cm – 7 cm / 1.97 in – 2.76 in

 Vase life: 7 – 10 days

 Stem length: 40 cm – 60 cm / 16 in – 24 in

 Color: Black


They combine perfectly with white and orange flowers.

Thus, the black rose rings more popularity among the best florists in the world, in that elegant florist and now you can have it with just one click on the door of your home and surprise that special person or simply decorate your home with a touch of elegance and mysticism.


Credit: Vivian Bermeo

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