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Premium Spray Roses, the sweetest of the flowers

We love the “small” details, and we know that you too, say that the best comes in a small container and we can verify it in an infinite number of cases. We also know that everyone loves flowers and especially roses, but imagine those same miniature roses … it sounds adorable true. Nature is magnificent and makes it possible to deliver this variety of incredibly sweet roses.

These little ones are distinguished by their varied singularities such as their unique colors, the shape of their buds and especially their refined characteristics. Its appearance is identical to that of a rose, but its beauty gives a feeling softened by its delicate and intricate characteristics.



The difference of spray roses with traditional roses is directly focused on the size, their structure; since the spray roses have five to eight blooms per stem and in the various uses we can given. Let’s say that the classic bouquets where the rose is the protagonist, consists of roses with thick and long stems, these bouquets are the favorites for any occasion. Spray roses on the contrary do not have the stem in this way but have individual and short stems and at the same time they grow from a single large stem.

Spray roses make up most of the small bouquets and regular size bouquets, their foliage creates a fascinating background for brightly colored flowers. These delicate roses are ideal for small floral arrangements where the largest roses are usually the protagonists, often combined with other varieties of flowers being the foliage to create large and delicious bouquets, adding a romantic touch to any stage or event.

Spray roses make up the bulk of small bouquets and corsages, and the foliage creates an attractive background for brightly colored flowers. Aerosols are ideal for small floral arrangements where larger roses can be dominant. They add a touch of romance to any stage or event.


So, try using them in immersed florist pieces such as corsages, centerpieces, bridal crowns, bows, swings and other small-scale arrangements. Spray roses have meanings similar to standard roses, although their smaller size and fine and delicate characteristics give a softening effect.

With Magnaflor you receive spray roses directly from the farm, since they are only cut at the time you place the order, giving shine and the uncomparable freshness. Definitely the advantage of choosing our flowers is based on freshness since unlike the others, our flowers do not follow the dehydration process, they are only cut and immediately packed following the cold chain from Ecuador to the door of your home, which drastically improves the life of the vase … This ensures that you receive the freshest possible flower.



How to start with my delicate spray roses?


If you have already bought your lovely spray roses you should know that, although the preparation of the vase for Spray Roses is similar to that of traditional or individual roses, there are some tricks to ensure that your Sprays look their best. Take into account every detail of the following tips to prepare your flowers and thus get to experience all its beauty.

Start by removing the protective packaging, proceed to extract the petals that are brown or discolored, so you can get to remove 5 to 8 petals for flowering. You should know that generally the most vibrant colors are the most likely to discolor on the outer petals.

Then you must cut the stems 3 to 5 cm diagonally at an angle of 45 degrees, immediately proceed with hydration, only remove the outer carton from the packaging leaving the cartons that are between the flowers and the outer plastic, spray roses normally drinks more water than traditional roses for many blooms they have to absorb. Keep your vase as clean as possible, choose to disinfect since the stem ducts have to remain free of bacteria and unlocked as long as possible for all the flowers to open.

Once the stems are cut, place the flowers in preferably cold water at a minimum depth of 10 cm, remove any foliage that may be below the water line. We recommend that you place food for flowers that is very easy to get, or simply add them in your order comments.

Pay attention to the amount of water in the vase as an indispensable rule is to keep it full, because spray roses drink a lot of water!

After about three or 4 hours of hydration, proceed lifting them from the water, to carefully remove the inside of corrugated cardboard located between the flowers, leave the plastic outer sheath as protection.


Now … let yourself be enveloped by the beauty of the Spray Roses!


Credit: Vivian Bermeo

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