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Flower Fashion: A Chic Accessory

flowers fashion

That’s right friend, flower fashion In the U.S., around 67% of fresh flowers are purchased as gifts but more and more, fashion savvy femmes and lads are bringing home a bouquet or two of themselves – not just to liven up their interiors, but also for gorgeous accessories that give their look a boho chic feel. That’s right […]

Rose Art: Astounding Art With Roses And Flowers

Roses art

Have you ever wondered about rose art? From single bouquets to arrange a superb scale airplane Airbus A-380 of two floors!!! It sound like it wouldn’t be possible right? But in fact this dream came true!The chosen location was in Dubai Miracle Garden. The purpose was to build the biggest natural flower arrangement in the […]

Cacti Care

Cacti CareA 2017 survey of independent retailers found that cactus and succulent sales has risen 64% since 2012. Cacti care is now a very hot topic. This comes as no surprise, as these desert plants have risen in popularity, especially amongst millennial’s looking for a simple and small plant to brighten their spaces. Part of the appeal of cacti and […]

Guinness World Record Of Roses In Ecuador

Record Ecuador

Guinness World Record of Ecuadorian Roses Ecuador located in the middle of the world, is such a rich country in different aspects. With only 283,561 km2, Ecuador has all 3 regions: Beach Coast, Amazon Jungle and Mountain Range. Don’t forget the beautiful Galapagos Islands to enjoy. Definitely a place that must go in your list. Due […]

Explore The Mystery of Rainbow Roses

rainbow rose, multicolored rose petals

Explore The Mystery of Rainbow Roses Rainbow roses are a whole mystery and for many farms a secret. The rainbow rose normally doesn’t get sprayed with colors but uptakes the ink in a natural way.The Dutch flower company was the first company who realized this was possible, the owner Peter van de Werken, who produced […]

Luxury Roses


Luxury Roses Luxury Roses are also called AAA quality roses and are famous for being spectacular. But how can you recognize Luxury roses?, actually it’s very simple, the head of the rose is usually larger, and the colors are vibrant and intense. Where do luxury roses come from? Luxury Roses comes from one place on earth […]

Buy Roses In A Box

Buy Roses In A Box, A Profitable Business Roses in a Box, is a trending type of arrangement, over the last years this trend as significantly gained popularity in social media, If you are thinking to buy roses and on boarding this very profitable business you want to make sure to get the most premium […]

Long Stem Roses, Tallest In The World


LONG STEM ROSES, TALLEST IN THE WORLD Have you ever heard of roses that have a stemlength of 4.2 FEET or longer? These gorgeous long stem roses roses you will only find in Ecuador.In Ecuador there’re over 300 varieties of roses but a few have the privilege of having really long stems. For example the […]

Wedding Flowers


Wedding Flowers Wedding Flowers, if you are responsible for the Flowers of a wedding, you have to ask yourself for what kind of bride am I making the arranging of flowers.  The Wedding Flowers have to reflect the person that is going to carry the flowers. You can find some inspiration talking to the bride […]

How To Arrange Fresh Flowers

How To Arrange Fresh Flowers How to Arrange Fresh Flowers? Be creative and arrange your own flowers! Make a bouquet to impress. Mix and match your fresh flowers.Be creative and arrange your own flowers! Make a bouquet to impress. Mix and match your fresh flowers. First of all ask yourself what kind of arrangement do […]