Guinness World Record Of Roses In Ecuador

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Guinness World Record of Ecuadorian Roses

Ecuador located in the middle of the world, is such a rich country in different aspects. With only 283,561 km2, Ecuador has all 3 regions: Beach Coast, Amazon Jungle and Mountain Range. Don’t forget the beautiful Galapagos Islands to enjoy. Definitely a place that must go in your list. Due to the different locations Ecuador is packed of different cultures, traditions, and spoken native dialects. Also, due to privilege weather Ecuador is rich in flora and fauna scattered all over the country. That´s why in MAGNAFLOR with our fertile land we can offer 450 varieties of Ecuadorian roses, spray roses and different type of flowers to achieve all the desires and requirements of our clients and wholesale partners worldwide. Little did any one know, but these beautiful flowers would help achieve a world record.

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Our beautiful country, has let us know this July 2th of 2018 that in canton of Pedro Moncayo (Tabacundo), the community decided to do a flower arrangement all by hand with the purpose of being the biggest ever made. What makes amazing is the fact that´s  only elaborated with roses. The arrangement should contain around half million of roses.

After a long preparation and logistics made finally this dream came true. The people of Pedro Moncayo finally achieved it in the archaeological and investigation park located in the city, being the biggest floral arrangement made by hand in the world.

José Camacho, president of the organization of flower growers of Tabacundo, could state that since July 9 through July 15 around 50 thousand roses were shipped to the location to accomplish the World Record Guinness. With all these logistics made they could build the 540 square meters, 8 meters tall and 33 depth counting with approximately 512,000 roses.

With this World Record achieved by the community of Pedro Moncayo, Ecuador try at the same time to make a lot of awareness worldwide of having the best roses with high quality and absolutely freshness. Making awareness would bring opportunities to persuade international markets in Ecuadorian roses and making MAGNAFLOR their best partner.

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