Cacti Care

Cacti Care

A 2017 survey of independent retailers found that cactus and succulent sales has risen 64% since 2012. Cacti care is now a very hot topic. This comes as no surprise, as these desert plants have risen in popularity, especially amongst millennial’s looking for a simple and small plant to brighten their spaces. Part of the appeal of cacti and succulents is that, in comparison to other plants, they require a particularly low level of maintenance and care to keep them alive and growing. That being said, there are some things that you can do to ensure your succulents stay succulent.

Prepare your Plant

When getting ready to plant your first cactus or succulent, you must consider what you will be planting them in. First, you need to know that regular potting soil won’t do for these plants. Unlike potting soil, succulents require a soil that will be able to drain excess water while still supporting the plant and holding a small amount of moisture and nutrients. A clay pot with drainage holes works particularly well, as the clay will hold up in the sun, while allowing your soil to drain properly.

Lots of Sunshine

As cacti and succulents are traditionally found in the desert, they thrive in areas of direct sunlight. They will grow best in a warm, temperate climate, but cacti can also grow quite well as a house plant if positioned correctly. If opting to keep your plants inside, study each of your windows and place them nearest to the one offering the maximum amount of sunshine. Try to regulate the temperature of your plant as much as possible and consider moving your cacti or succulents inside in times or rain or extreme cold.

Don’t Over Water

Cacti and succulents are resilient plants which can survive harsh changes in temperature. Because of this, they require little water. It is best to water your cacti or succulent once a week during periods of heat. However, during winter months, when your plants get less sunshine and heat, you can slightly increase the time between each watering. The best rule of thumb is to monitor your soil. As soon as it looks completely dried out, you can go ahead and give your plant a little more water.

Cacti and succulents are great options for those looking for an easy and beautiful plant to have both indoors and outdoors. Just remember that even the easiest plant is still a living thing that needs your attention and care.


Credits: Cassie Steele

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