Flower Fashion: A Chic Accessory

flowers fashion

That’s right friend, flower fashion

In the U.S., around 67% of fresh flowers are purchased as gifts but more and more, fashion savvy femmes and lads are bringing home a bouquet or two of themselves – not just to liven up their interiors, but also for gorgeous accessories that give their look a boho chic feel. That’s right friend, flower fashion. In this post we share a few cool ideas that will add a little floral fancy even the most sophisticated of ensembles.Floral Arm CuffsBigger is better in the world of jewelry, as seen in the burgeoning popularity of harem (long stacked) rings and double-length arm cuff bracelets. Opt-out of metal and go for a softer look by using fresh flowers in your very own cuff wrap. The ‘base’ can be made of soft wire covered in material, string or tissue. Create your cuff by bending the wire to your desired shape. Start off by making a ‘ring’ around your finger and winding the rest of the cuff around your wrist and lower arm. Use smaller wires to fit flower and buds onto your DIY design. Boho style is about freedom; forget about symmetry and perfection, opting for the natural disorder of nature in the wild.Lively Hair DesignsUse a bun shaper to arrange your hair in a messy bun. Use flowers and bads with a long, sturdy stem, ‘piercing’ them at the base of your bun to taste. Roses in a variety of colors work beautifully for this hairdo, but white is ideal for brides and those sporting an all-white, minimalistic look.Floral JeweleryIf you are headed for an elegant dinner or event, you can always add a floral touch to large statement jewelery. A stunning look visible at recent Big Four fashion weeks saw models wearing oversized dangling earrings covered partially by fresh flowers. Once again you will have to practice your technique, using very fine wires to connect the flowers to your jewellery without breaking either.Instagrammable MomentsThe great thing about flower fashion is that it livens up any image, especially those taken for visually centered social media sites. When taking pictures of your outfits, place loose flowers on your lap, cover your eyes with two large buds and smile, or stick a single flower into your hair and snap away. Larger flowers that look great in photos include orchids, poppies, and lilies.Inspiration from Outer Space: Solar System RosesWhen choosing flowers for these looks, don’t be afraid to play around with color. Magnaflor’s beautiful Mercury Roses bear a bold blend of white and blue, inspired on the magic of the solar system. These roses enhance the natural beauty of pristine white roses with touches of blue, reminiscent of the night and symbolic of loyalty. There are many other bouquets inspired on the planets and life beyond Earth: the fiery red of Mars, the cool blue of Uranus, and the regal purple of meteorites.If you are feeling like getting back to nature and you wish to bring a touch of lushness to an ensemble, be creative and make your own accessories. Your hair and jewelery are ideal spots for flower fashion, though you can also stick them into a hat or knitted top. These accessories will say you are a nature lover who comprehends the inimitable beauty of ‘the real thing’: fresh flowers.

Credits: Cassie Steele

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