Luxury Roses


Luxury Roses

Luxury Roses are also called AAA quality roses and are famous for being spectacular. But how can you recognize Luxury roses?, actually it’s very simple, the head of the rose is usually larger, and the colors are vibrant and intense.

Where do luxury roses come from?

Luxury Roses comes from one place on earth only, and this is a little country located in the equator. Ecuador is this wonderful country that produces the best roses of the entire world.The equator have a lot of benefits, the light of the sun falls perpendicular to the ground which creates the vibrant colors. In the equator the weather is very stable, this country is able to produce rally high quality roses all year long.

The growing conditions for the roses in this country are more than prefect!, the roses will get natural light during the whole year, compared to countries like Holland where the flowers need artificial illumination.

Also most rose farms are at an altitude of between 2800 and 3000 meters above sea level. With farms being closer to the sun roses produce the largest blooms and longest stems. Ecuadorian Luxury Roses have a long and bigger head also. That is one of the reasons that make the Ecuadorian Roses, the favorite roses of the entire world, over farms from Colombia, Holland and Africa. These roses are considered the best of the world, mainly due to supreme advantage in rose buds.

In addition to that a longer vase life enters the equation, this special roses will remain fresh for longer time in comparison to the flowers from other countries.

Where can you buy Luxury Roses?

Well, this luxury roses can be quite expensive if you go over to your local florist or if you order in any online flower website, but there is an alternative to order this roses straight from the growers eliminating the middle man and high costs for you and storing of the flowers  in warehouses before the delivery to the final consumer (means you). Magnaflor is a company that created a system that allows you to get order flowers straight from the best growers of Luxury Roses in Ecuador, and flowers are literally sent from the farms to your door and at an amazing price. Initiatives like this allows you to get more beauty for less.

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