Daisy Pink – Pink Preserved Daisys

Did you know that daisies only open during the daytime. For this reason, we’ve decided to bring you the daisy preserved flower. The common daisy has white petals and a yellow center but there are many different varieties of the. We have chose to offer you a pink daisy preserved flower. Hot Pink Preserved Daisy.

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Tips & tricks for flower care & arrangements

When your Fresh Flower Box gets delivered, your flowers and greens will arrive sleeping and ready for your care! To ensure they live a long and happy life, take them out of the box as soon as possible and follow the steps and recommendations below. Happy arranging!

Remember to: Keep flowers away from drafts, direct sunlight or any other extreme temperature environments. Keep vases filled with water and change out the water as soon as it gets cloudy (usually every other day). When you change out the water, remove the leaves and flowers that wilt and add more flower food (sugar works great as well).