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At Magnaflor® we specialize in curating color-inspired “design-it-yourself” Fresh Flower full of the highest quality seasonal blooms, and all the bits and greens you need to make your own magnificent flower arrangements. We ship from our farm in Ecuador, to your doorstep, in just a few days.

Who we are

Magnaflor® The Online Wholesale Flower Company has nine years of experience offering the best quality flowers. We commercialize all the varieties of flowers grown in Ecuador and ship directly from farms to any location worldwide. Our process guarantees an unsurpassable flower vase life. We provide full support to our wholesalers and direct customers ensuring freshness, fully completed orders, punctuality, and fast delivery times. Our customer’s success is our success, we care about every detail!

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We make your life fresh & simple

Why farm fresh flowers?

Back to the volcanoes pure soil lands, there grows the magnificent best flowers in the world! In Ecuador every day new amazing flowers are born, and Magnaflor® is impressing the world with the luxury of their beauty!!!

And now we make it simple! Farm fresh flowers directly to the consumer! Nationwide free delivery in the US, including Alaska and Hawaii, through a simple and friendly user platform.


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Why Us

96% of customers that buy from this merchant give them a 4 or 5-Star rating.

Awaken your talents with these easy step by step tutorials that will allow you to create gorgeous floral arrangements.

We deliver your Farm Fresh Flowers to your door using Fedex. We take care of everything for you, just pick your favorite flowers and your delivery date.

Our Home Garden

Eco-Friendly Farm Fresh Flowers

Our ethical sourced flowers are cultivated and harvested by thousands of families, under an environment of responsibility, good
treatment and happiness. 30% of each sale is used for their benefit in the rural areas of Ecuador.