MAGNAFLOR® will approve returns or refunds for purchased flowers if:

  1. The flowers arrived in an inappropriate condition (deteriorated/substandard). The information regarding the condition of the flowers upon arrival must be communicated to Magnaflor a maximum of one day after the delivery day, sending pictures to showing the condition of each of the flowers. The refund will be made within 48 hours after you have received a confirmation that you are eligible for a refund.
  2. The flowers have not arrived or arrived several days after the scheduled delivery date. In case the delay or the delivery has to do with unforeseeable circumstances you will be NOT eligible for a refund. The unforeseeable circumstances have to do with natural events, such as; storms, earthquake, tornadoes, etc. or directly human-caused events like terrorist acts or war.

As mentioned in Terms and Conditions; a refusal to receive the flowers by the customer after the items have shipped will still be considered as delivered. You will not be eligible for a refund. If FEDEX cannot deliver for the reason that the receiver is not at the place of delivery, it is possible that FEDEX will charge the recipient for storage. Magnaflor is not responsible for flowers not delivered due to the customer not being able to receive the flowers after requesting for signature at time of delivery.

We will refund the customer through the same payment method the customer used to purchase their items.

note: Magnaflor will not be responsible in the event that FEDEX has a delay of 24 hours during business days. It is for this reason that we suggest, as a precaution, that you select your delivery day for one day before the day you will need your order.

*WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND to schedule your delivery date for 4 DAYS BEFORE YOUR EVENT due to the possibility of delays in flight schedules, mechanical issues, or poor weather conditions. Our flowers easily last 10 days or longer with proper care, guaranteed.


  • For our clients who wish to cancel their orders: If the order is an express deliver the order should be cancelled the same day the order was placed. All other deliveries must be cancelled at least 4 days before the delivery date.  Please note that payments will be refunded only if cancellations are made in these requested times.
  • In case of quality flaws on our part, we may be able to make necessary replacements of product with proper coordination with the customer.
  • If for some other reason you need to cancel your order, Magnaflor will proceed with the refund only if Magnaflor is notified by email before the flowers have been shipped. The bank penalties (10%) will be discounted from the total refund.

If you have any complaints or wish to discuss your order please contact:

Further details are explained on the Terms of Service.