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Magnaflor® The Online Wholesale Flower Company with 9 years of experience offering the best quality flowers, we commercialize all the varieties offered in Ecuador directly from the farms to any location worldwide, which guarantees an unsurpassable flower vase life. Moreover, we provide full support to our Wholesalers and Direct Customers ensuring freshness, complete orders accomplishment, punctuality, and low delivery times. Our Customer’s success is our success, we do care about their satisfaction!

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The power of love…
There was a time when Alexis lived in New York, about 10 years ago. In his visit, he met a wonderful young lady which he felt immediately in love. But as in every love story, there was a problem; The best friend of this girl was a corpulent, fancy and childish guy who protected her like a sister. Alexis tried several times to win her affection and love. Moreover, her friend’s approval. On one occasion, he went so far that he decided to be disguised as a harlequin with the sole purpose of making her laugh. Unfortunately, what he didn’t know was that she was terrified by them. In the attempt to fix his mistake, he went to search roses and flowers, but he felt really disgusted in the moment when he didn’t quite find beautiful and stunning roses with accessible prices as the ones from Ecuador. It was that specific moment when he saw a brilliant opportunity to make people all around the globe happy. Conquering her heart and the world of roses became his passion.

Liven up all people’s moments around the world by decorating their spaces with vibrant and unique flowers, offering personalized service, best-possible product quality, and guaranteed satisfaction.

Be the “top of mind” company of Ecuadorian Flowers commercialization around the world, recognized by our unrivalled quality, customer service, and innovative products.

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Our flowers are cultivated and harvested by thousands of families, under an environment of responsibility, good treatment, happiness and thanks to each sale, the 30% are for their benefit in the rural areas of Ecuador..


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