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White Roses, What’s Their Meaning And The Best Varieties

White Roses, What’s Their Meaning And The Best Varieties

White Roses are a sign of purity and sophistication. White roses are very popular in Weddings.  One of the most popular rose for weddings is the Vendela variety. The Vendela Rose has a champagne ivory color with a hint of pink on the petal edges that will attract the attention of its audience. The Vendela rose has a classic shape; on the other hand the Mondial rose is very popular due its large bloom and long stem. Perfect wedding roses, gorgeous and crispy, pale exterior petals and a hint of creamy center.


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Another variety that is also popular among the wedding roses is the proud rose is an elegant eggshell white color rose with a larger head in comparison with other varieties.

For many the color white is sign of purity. The colors have also psychological influence; the white will bring in your thoughts; hygiene, sterility, clarity, cleanness, simplicity, sophistication and efficiency. With these tips we hope you find the appropriate rose for the occasion. This rose is a beautiful choice for baby showers, bridal showers or weddings.

At Magnaflor you can obtain roses that come directly from the farm. Through the system of purchase on demand, only when the customer places an order, the flower will be cut and prepared for the shipment that takes only 3-4 days from the departure of the farm, in this way the customer receives the freshest flower possible, ensuring supreme quality and unbeatable flower duration.

Ecuadorian roses have advantage due to the growing conditions; they get natural light the whole year, due to the country’s location by the equator. Artificial illumination is not necessary in Ecuador. Most farms are at an altitude of between 2800 and 3000 meters above sea level. With farms being closer to the sun roses produce the largest blooms and longest stems.


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