How To Buy Roses Online And How to Choose The Best

How To Buy Roses Online And How to Choose The Best

There are so many options where you can buy roses online. You can buy your flowers at a florist or you can buy your flowers where florists buy their flowers. There are so many possibilities where you can buy flowers, it depends on the kind of flower you are looking for and the quantity. Are we talking about small or large quantities? If you are looking for small quantities, you can find your flowers online or at your local flower shop.

If you are looking for large quantities you can order your flowers from a wholesaler or grower. There are also web shops where you can buy online flowers from the grower.

With Magnaflor you can buy the flowers from the Ecuadorian growers and we deliver the flowers to your door.

Where can I get roses? It you are looking in particular to buy roses, there are a lot of places where you can get roses, and the best roses are the Ecuadorian roses. The Ecuadorian roses are famous for their big head and long thick stems.

Ecuadorian roses have advantage due to the growing conditions; they get natural light the whole year, due to the country’s location by the equator. Artificial illumination is not necessary in Ecuador. Most farms are at an altitude of between 2800 and 3000 meters above sea level. With farms being closer to the sun roses produce the largest blooms and longest stems.

Ecuador also offers the largest selection of roses varieties about 300 varieties, strong colors and long vase life.

If you buy flowers from the grower, you’ll skip a lot of intermediaries, winning days of freshness.

With Magnaflor we offer fresh flowers directly from the farm. Through the system of purchase on demand, only when the customer places an order, the flower will be cut and prepared for the shipment that takes only 3-4 days from the departure of the farm, in this way the customer receives the freshest flower possible, ensuring supreme quality and unbeatable flower duration.


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