Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers, if you are responsible for the Flowers of a wedding, you have to ask yourself for what kind of bride am I making the arranging of flowers.  The Wedding Flowers have to reflect the person that is going to carry the flowers. You can find some inspiration talking to the bride and groom, get to know their personalities. Are they looking for a more classic wedding or can we make playful arrangements?

wedding flowers for the DIY Bride


Is it a classic wedding, rustic wedding, modern wedding, vintage wedding, etc.?

Roses are a great option for weddings, they symbolize love and purity. They can go very well with a pastel ribbon, leafy green and baby’s breath. The Baby’s breath will give an angelical touch to the arrangement.

At the website of Magnaflor you will find two different varieties of baby’s breath, the variety Million Star and the variety Xlence, both are gorgeous in arrangements. You will also find tinted baby’s breath at the website. If the bridal couple is looking for a more rustic Wedding grey colors is a great choice. Mix Salt and Pepper Baby’s Breath with some light pink roses.

Baby’s breath are great fillers for arrangement but can also be used as flowers crowns that will give an angelical touch to the ceremony.

The Vendela rose is one of the most popular wedding flower, this rose has a champagne ivory color with a hint of pink on the petal edges that will attract the attention of its audience.

Another rose that is popular in Weddings is the Mondial rose, perfect wedding roses, gorgeous and crispy.

Garden roses are soft flowers with layers and layer of petals, this roses have a feminine vibe.

At Magnaflor you will find the White O’ Hara rose, Enjoyable for the sight and scent! This garden rose will bring sunshine to the wedding.

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