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The Ultimate Guide to Valentine’s Day Flowers

Have you been shot by one of Cupid’s arrows? If so, then you are likely looking for the perfect way to express your love and adoration this Valentine’s Day. You’re not the only one! According to the National Retail Federation, “Total spending is expected to reach $19.6 billion” for Valentine’s Day in 2018, with the average US consumer spending “an average $143.56 on Valentine’s Day.”

Just what are people spending their Valentine’s Day budget on? The National Retail Federation found that people spend the most on jewelry, Valentine’s Day date nights, and flowers. The Spruce explains, “Of a projected $19.6 billion dollars, more than a third of that (35.6%) will be spent on flowers.”

Since flowers are such a major part of Valentine’s Day giving, it is important for consumers to understand why they should give the ones they love flowers, as well as know how to give flowers that will bring smiles and warm hearts. Don’t worry – by the time you finish reading this article, you will be a Valentine flower giving pro!

Why We Give Flowers on Valentine’s Day

At this point, it seems like giving bulk flowers to your Valentine is simply what you do on Valentine’s Day. But, the giving of flowers to express affection is a long-held tradition. Giving flowers has always been meaningful, but beginning in the Victorian Era, flower giving was a means to convey messages.

In the Victorian era, floriography (a way to communicate through flowers) became popular. Floral arrangements allowed individuals to speak without speaking. For example, by giving someone a red rose, you were conveying a message of love. This is because the “language of flowers” suggested different flowers symbolically expressed unique meanings.

Therefore, to this day, certain flowers are always attributed to Valentine’s Day while other flower varieties tend to be associated with funerals.

Let’s Talk Roses for Valentine’s Day

It doesn’t take a genius to understand why red roses are the most popular Valentine’s Day flower. Tradition shows that red roses have long been associated with love and passion. Since Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love and passion, this makes perfect sense. So, it is not surprising that bulk roses made up 51% of Valentine flower sales in 2017.

To Give a Rose or To Not Give a Rose – That is the Question

Ultimately, giving your love luxury roses for Valentine’s Day is a wonderful idea – especially if you are unsure. Sticking with the classics is always a good idea. However, there are some reasons why you may want to opt for a different flower this year.

The cost of roses raises significantly the closer you get to Valentine’s Day. In some cases, the cost increased by as much as 50%. Keeping cost in mind, you may find a bigger, better bouquet of different flowers for less than you would spend on a dozen roses at Valentine’s Day.

Plus, since roses are commonly given on Valentine’s Day, your sweetheart may find a bohemian bouquet more meaningful – particularly if you choose flower varieties that she loves or ones that remind you of her personality.

Other Valentine’s Flowers for the Anti-Rose Crowd

If you would rather not gift your Valentine with a dozen red roses, many other flowers stand out as excellent choices for Valentine’s Day such as tulips, lilies, chrysanthemums, orchids, and peonies. For example, peonies have long symbolized romance, while orchids symbolize love, beauty, luxury, and strength.

However, don’t completely count out roses. If you want to give your lover something other than a dozen red roses, you can impress your Valentine with a bouquet of unique roses or bicolor roses. These stand out from their red counterparts but give you the freedom to choose rose colors that are more representative of the person you love.

Color Matters

When it comes to choosing flowers, you should pay attention to the color. Color is often symbolic. As we’ve already discussed the color red typically symbolizes love and passion on most floral varieties. However, the color white symbolizes innocence, the color pink symbolizes adoration, and the color yellow represents friendships. In other words, if you are hoping to exit the “friend zone,” it is better to skip the yellow roses.

So Does the Number

Similarly, the number of roses in your bouquet also carries symbolic meaning. According to The Spruce, “A gift of a single rose says that the recipient is the only one. Increase that to three roses if you wish to say, ‘I love you.’ A gift of 11 roses means that the giver is the missing flower in the dozen. Finally, an extravagant gift of three dozen long-stemmed roses says that the giver’s heart belongs to the recipient.”

While we are talking numbers of flowers to express meaning, it might be helpful to know a bouquet of 15 roses means “I’m really sorry.” We’ve got you covered when the time comes to purchase bulk red roses to show you’re sorry.

Valentine’s Day Don’ts:

When it comes to purchasing Valentine’s Day flowers, there are a few things that you absolutely should NOT do.

  • Don’t go cheap
    Avoid buying flowers from a roadside vendor. These flowers tend to be cheaper for a reason. They don’t have a long vase life. Instead, order from a florist you trust and be prepared to spend a minimum of $50 if you are having the flowers delivered. (Or better yet, buy from Magnaflor!)
  • Don’t wait
    The longer you wait to order your Valentine’s Day flowers, the more you will pay.
  • Don’t buy certain colors
    Again, avoid sending yellow roses unless you want just to be friends forever.
  • Don’t use plastic
    If you get a bouquet from a store wrapped in plastic, take the plastic off and rewrap the flowers in brown paper. It is even better if the flowers are delivered in a pretty vase.

Valentine’s Day Must Do’s

Finally, there are some must do’s for purchasing Valentine’s Day flowers for the one you love.

  • Find ways to personalize
    You should always add a personalized note to your floral bouquet.
  • Think of your valentine
    When it comes to selecting flowers, think of your valentine. What is her favorite flower? What is her favorite color? Are there flowers that make you think of her best qualities?
  • Consider vase life
    It is better to purchase flowers that will have a longer vase life. This gives the receiver more time to enjoy the gift. It is better to buy better quality flowers for this reason.
  • Peak season
    Consider buying flowers that are in peak season as they will have a longer vase life.

Ready to order your sweetheart a stunning arrangement of Valentine’s Day flowers?

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