The Worst Advice You Could Ever Get about Bulk Flowers Online


So you’re thinking about buying bulk flowers online.

That’s great! Doing this can make a big difference in your flower purchasing experience, especially when you’re trying to decorate for a big event. However, you might hear a lot of conflicting advice and information from well-meaning friends and family if you choose to go this route. In this article, we’ll show you some of the worst advice you might hear from those who may want to convince you to stay away from bulk flower ordering. Check it out and see if you’ve been told any of these false facts and tips recently, too.

False: You can order at the last minute.

Often, people will advise you to wait and order your bulk roses at the last minute. They might even tell you that you should wait, since the flowers may start to wilt if you order them too soon. This is partly rooted in fact, but partly false. You should always make all your plans to order your flowers ahead of time, and you should place the order as soon as you know what you want, too. This way, you won’t be scrambling at the last minute and risk forgetting the flowers altogether.With that said, however, you should always choose a vendor that will allow you to set the delivery date for your order. Pick a date about two days before your wedding or other event. Your flowers will be delivered on the date you select, and you’ll be sure to have them in time even if you’ve forgotten about them in all the chaos of wedding planning. Some vendors will only let you schedule a delivery a few weeks in advance, so pay attention to this when ordering and choosing the vendor you want to work with, too.

False: You can find anything at any time.

Some customers believe you can easily find any type of floral decoration at any time of the year when you buy in bulk online. While it’s true that buying online flowers can help you find options that may be out of season in your area, keep in mind that not all flowers are going to be available all year long. If you’re looking for something that’s out of season and plan to buy it from another region or another country because of this, you should expect to pay high prices for the product as well as for its shipping. For this reason, you should still be a little flexible when picking your bulk online flower choices.

False: Buying in bulk is too expensive.

There’s no reason to believe bulk flower ordering is too expensive. It may sound like a high price tag at first, but keep in mind that you’ll be getting fifty, a hundred, or even more flowers when you order in bulk. You’ll also be saving a lot of money on the cost of floral pre-arrangements when you go this route—even if you end up paying someone to arrange your flowers in the end. All in all, ordering flowers in bulk is almost always going to save you money instead of being too expensive.

False: There’s too much hassle in buying bulk flowers online.

There isn’t much hassle involved, and many customers find this process even easier than ordering from a florist. When you buy flowers from a florist, you’re limited by what they’re able to order and what they can do in terms of arrangements too. You may also have to deal with scheduling conflicts, especially when working with a smaller local florist. However, when you buy online, scheduling a delivery is easy and selecting the flowers you want is simple as well. There’s very little hassle involved, and the whole process can be completed quickly once you’ve decided which colors and styles you want.

False: You should avoid bulk flowers because they’ll probably be poor quality.

It’s a common misconception that the flowers you buy from a bulk online vendor are always going to be low quality. Yes, there may be some bad vendors out there, but this is true of anything you order or purchase. As long as you make sure you’re working with a reputable vendor, you’ll receive quality products that will make your special event look beautiful in no time. Don’t be afraid to look around for reviews or ask questions to confirm the quality of the flowers from the vendor you choose if you have any concerns.

False: If you do order online, you should stick with traditional choices like red roses.

Although you may think your only real options when ordering wedding and other flowers online are the common ones, this isn’t true. You will be limited by what’s in season, of course, but that doesn’t mean you have to only purchase red roses and baby’s breath and call it a day. If these are the kinds of flowers you want, then by all means, order them! But if you want something else that may be more unique, don’t worry—you can find those types of products from good online flower vendors, too.You may be able to find all sorts of bulk flower options when you shop online, including dramatic black roses, soft pink spray roses, beautiful Rainbow or Solar System roses, and other types of flowers for different events too. You can choose from carnations, lilies, and pre-arranged selections as well, especially if you go with a good vendor. The possibilities are endless!

Many people who say things like the false advice listed above don’t mean any harm by it. However, they may be a little uneducated about the real experience and process of ordering bulk flowers online. If you feel like you still have a lot to learn, too, take your time and gather the information you need before you get started shopping. This way, when it comes time to place your bulk flower order, you’ll be prepared to make the right decision in terms of vendor, flower, shipping date, and everything else you’ll need to consider for your purchase too.

Credit: Vivian Bermeo