Next Day Flowers: The Real Truth

We get it. Sometimes you need flowers ASAP. Online flower retailers are more than happy to accommodate your needs, but what they do not tell you is that the flowers they are sending you for these last minute requests can sometimes be up to 14 days old.

What do we mean by 14 days old? We mean that some of these flowers were cut 14 days ago. Case and point, these flowers that are called Next Day by certain online retailers should really be called 14 day-old flowers.

Now 14 day-old flowers can come in handy in an emergency, but if you really want to show someone you care you need to plan ahead and buy the freshest bulk flowers possible. When you buy fresh farm-direct flowers from Magnaflor, you are guaranteed flowers that are only two to four days old. That is a major difference.

When you opt to purchase the fresh flowers your recipient will get to enjoy them for so much longer. In fact, often times these farm direct flowers, like our famous Black Roses, can last in the vase for 14 days! So why get the next day flowers when you could get much fresher flowers that last super long? The answer is simple, you want to give your friends and loved ones flowers that will bring beauty and joy into their lives for longer than just a day.

At Magnaflor we bring you the very best quality flowers. We do not ship any stored flowers. All next day flowers are stored, there is no exception. These stored flowers are old. Buy bulk flowers online from Magnaflor and see the difference fresh, farm direct Ecuadorian roses make in a room or in a heart.

Think of the flowers as a representation of your love. Does your love wilt in one day? Is your love too tired? If you order flowers from Magnaflor they will last at least a week with proper care. Show the one you love that your love goes on and on. Don’t let yourself purchase next or same day flowers online. The decision will haunt you as you will always be wondering, I hope they last for more than a day!

Credit: Austin Stewart

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