National Kiss and Make Up Day: Making Up For Love

National Kiss and Make Up Day: Making Up For Love

Making up is hard to do, but breaking up is even harder! The National Kiss and Make Up Day is coming up on the 25th of August. Making up is a way to strengthen the relationship with the ones you love.When you have a fight with someone it is pretty easy to tell if you have hurt them. Deep hurt can be very difficult to resolve, but this struggle can shed a lot of light on the relationship you have with the other person. Whether the relationship is romantic or not does not matter. When the hammer comes down, and someone gets hurt, you know immeadiately if you regret what was done or said. Caring for another is a gut feeling, you know right away. If the pain and the guilt are eating you alive, you kn0w that this person really is meaningful in your life. If you feel indifferent, then perhaps the event was a deliverance.  The indifference is a sign that the person really doesn’t mean that much, in any context. Conflict can often bring great clarity. If the guilt and pain are eating you alive, we at Magnaflor are happy to share with you some ideas to say sorry and make up.If it’s for a friend Yellow Roses reflect friendship and innocence. I share with you some examples of our offer on our website of Magnaflor.

BrightonIf you are trying to make up for missed dates or meetings Pink Carnations carry the message that you’ll never forget the recipient again.

CarnationsIf you are trying to make up with your girlfriend and want to say “I love you”. A bouquet with red and white roses can help you to say I’m sorry.


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