Potpourri Tutorial to Freshen Your Home


Potpourri Tutorial to Freshen Your Home

Rose potpourri is a multi-sensory means of preserving your roses and bringing them into your home year round. The scent is always a rich reminder of sweet summer and the composition can be varied to match the colors and decorations in your home. This potpourri tutorial will teach you all you need to know.

There are three components to any potpourri: roses, botanical, fixative, and scented oil.

Prepare Your Roses

For a rose potpourri the primary botanical ingredient is dried rose petals. Alternately, small rose buds can be dried and added to provide a different visual texture.

Order bulk roses for this tutorial here Pick your roses at the early morning, shortly after the dew evaporates, the scent will be richest. Spread the petals out over a drying rack. Turn them every day until they have dried out. They should take on a leathery texture when they are ready. When choosing petals and buds for your potpourri, pay attention to how the colors will change as they dry. White, pink, and yellow petals will turn brown and fade. Red petals will turn a dark burgundy. Remember that dry rose petals will be 1/3 the original volume of the fresh rose petals. Always pick 3 times more than you think you need.

Choose Your Other Botanical Elements

Choose other botanical components as complement of the rose scents and looks. Small pine cones and ceder shavings add texture and provide a nice look for the winter. Lavender flowers dry well and add color and scent that complement rose petals. Dried citrus peels compliment roses that have a citrus scent. For a spicy mix, consider the inclusion of spices such as cloves, vanilla beans and cinnamon sticks. Pick items to fit the look and scent you want for your home.

Pick a Fixative

A fixative will aid the absorption of the oils and retain the scent of the mixture. Materials such as powdered orris root, oak moss, cellulose, fiberfix, bark and wood shavings are great options.

Add a Scented Oil

Put a few drops of scented oil when mixing your potpourri. This will strengthen the scent and add extra flavors depending on which oil you choose. No matter how richly scented your dry botanical elements are, the scented oil will tie all the scents together. The oil will be absorbed by the fixative.

Mixing It

Measure out your dry ingredients and place them in a paper bag or a large jar. Add 2 tablespoons of fixative for each 4 cups of dry botanical. Add a few drops of scented oil to the mix and seal the container. Shake well. Leave the potpourri to combine for several weeks, shaking every day or so to keep the scents combining.

Presenting Your Potpourri

Never use metal containers with potpourri and keep the ingredients away from direct light. Present it in a glass or plastic bowl, or in a small basket. Choose the container to match your decorations in the room and compliment the colors and textures of the botanical elements.When the scent fades, pour a little more scented oil, a good mix can provide its scent to your home for years.

Storing the rest

Store unused potpourri in an airtight container. Add a packet if silica gel for each pound of potpourri stored to absorb moisture and prevent mildew from damaging your mix. We hope this potpourri tutorial has helped you make your home nice and fresh.

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