Long Stem Roses, Tallest In The World


Have you ever heard of roses that have a stemlength of 4.2 FEET or longer? These gorgeous long stem roses roses you will only find in Ecuador.

ecuadorian roses - bigger blooms and vase life


In Ecuador there’re over 300 varieties of roses but a few have the privilege of having really long stems. For example the variety Freedom is known for the gorgeous long stems above the 4 feet.  As well as the variety White Chocolate and Vendela rose. The Vendela rose is very popular in wedding; this rose has a champagne ivory color with a hint of pink on the petal edges that will attract the attention of its audience. On the other hand the Freedom rose is the favorite at Valentine’s Day, this rose is a best-seller if it has to do with Love.

These beauties have advantage due to the location by the equator; the growing conditions are just prefect! They roses will get natural light during the whole year, due to the country’s location by the equator.

Artificial illumination is not necessary in Ecuador. Most farms are at an altitude of between 2800 and 3000 meters above sea level. With farms being closer to the sun roses produce the largest blooms and longest stems.

Not only have Ecuadorian Flowers a long stem but they have also a bigger head. That is one of the reasons that make the Ecuadorian Roses, the favorite roses of the entire world, over farms from Colombia, Holland and Africa. These roses are considered the best of the world, mainly due to a supreme advantage in rose buds or blooms.

Due to their growing conditions they have also a longer vase life, will remain fresh for longer time in comparison to the flowers from other countries.

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