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Simple and Easy Halloween Decoration Tips

Halloween Is Just 7 Days Away!

It’s time to start preparing all the decorations for your house, office, parties, etc.

We know sometimes we run out of ideas of ways to decorate our moments, but this is the best season to let your imagination flow.

The right Halloween flower arrangement can provide the right atmosphere for your Halloween decoration.

This celebration have become one of the most expected and fun Hollidays worlwide,  we encourage you to style every moment and impress all of your friends with special Halloween decorations.

With great inspiration from the classic characters like; Morticia, Frankestein, Dracula, La Catrina and  our classic black and orange Halloween Special.

We choose the most fresh flowers direct from our farms and played with their colors to offer you something spooky yet stylish.

It’s time to get out of routine of decorating your house with pumpkins and sunflowers, and start using unique items for Halloween decoration that will blow your friends minds.

Unique Details

Every Halloween is pretty much the same, right? Pumpkins, spiders and nice leafs around, instead, let us give you the chance of going further and putting the WIN on halloween, pun intended.

Said that, we dare you to take that extra step and begin your spooky decorations with some black – orange roses around your place or some mixed green and black Frankenstein bulks on your living room.

And why not, an entire themed decoration with specific monster rooms, try to put some related items around to make your home the place to be.


Visit our shop and get ready to be amazed with our farm fresh ecuadorian roses,

and see why everyone in the world wants them!


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