The Gold Rose Is Breaking All The Rules


Wake up … what is the first thing you see?

Color (and hopefully gold roses), color wherever you look … everything around us is full of color and life, nature in its absolute perfection gives us this ability. But, did you know that color is really an illusion? That’s right; the ocular retina assimilates light transforming it into electrical impulses that go directly to the brain, resulting in what we see.

But gold is a color that distinguishes itself from all. This makes the difference where you look and in Magnaflor we know very well distinction, elegance and majesty, all these qualities are present in our new product, Gold Roses.Gold … the color that is most associated with beauty even oil is still called black gold because it is essential, and until recently porcelain and ivory were white gold. Of anything we consider gold very valuable, that’s why we say “it is worth its weight in gold”.The Gold Rose is a type of rose created to satisfy the most demanding customers, this rose owes its color to the technique known as airbrush which consists of spraying the Freedom variety (red color) with propelled golden color air.Therefore, if your desire is to make a difference and make your special day even more magical the Golden Rose is your choice. There is no comparable beauty and freshness of our Magnaflor wholesale flowers, Magnaflor works with our on-demand purchase system. Our tinted bulk roses are cut 3 days before the departure in Ecuador, we never store the flowers. We do our best to have the best product and save days of vase life for our customers.This system allows Gold roses to be cut and packed in our farms and sent directly to you, keeping all their freshness at a lower price. The versatility of this rose has no limits … ideal for decoration of events, floral arrangements, giving it an enhancement and elegance.The Gold Roses are waiting for you.

Credit: Vivian Bermeo

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