Fresh Cut Flowers: The Future

Fresh cut flowers are and have been popular since many varieties were domesticated for personal and commercial uses centuries ago.

We know now that fresh cut flowers can be purchased at farms, local distributors and online. So where is the flower business going? We have some thoughts.In terms of the flowers themselves we are confident that the processes for coloring flowers will continue to advance and get better. Currently we offer our famous Black Roses, our Rainbow Roses and the Gold Roses. We also have our Solar System collection that is breaking all the rules. The future could bring more fantastic colors and perhaps new methods that makes the supplemental painting for some tinted varieties unnecessary.Preserved roses are another type of floral product that is bound to improve moving forward. These flowers are put through a special process and then reconstructed for their long-lasting impression. The future could see an even longer-lasting bloom and more precision in construction.We are always exploring the latest in flower technology to offer something special to our clients.Since companies like Amazon and Ebay have shown us what is possible with the e-commerce platform, the flower business is no different when it comes to providing clients the ability to choose varieties online and have them shipped directly to their door. A lot of thought went into this process as flowers are delicate and need to be properly packed and grown to withstand the rigors of long distance travel.Now the process is standardized, but there are still many people who have not tried ordering premium flowers online. Well, in the future, most of the flower buying by individuals, whether it be for themselves, their partners or their loved ones will be conducted through online e-commerce platforms.Trends are showing that more and more people prefer the quality, freshness and ease of purchasing their flowers online.As far as delivery methods go, it is possible that we will see smaller climate control devices designed for reusable containers that will eventually be delivered by drone flight. There are so many other possibilities, perhaps you will create the newest method for fresh cut flowers to be delivered all over the world!Flowers

Featured in photo: Asteroid Rose

Credit: Austin Stewart

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