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Flower Cuisine: The Magic of Flowers In Food

Flower cuisine goes back in time thousands of years to the Greek, Roman and Chinese cultures. The uses of flowers can be a aesthetic way of making your dishes look colorful and fancy but the can also add flavor. You can find many different kinds of flowers like floral, fragan, herbacious and spicy too.

You can normally find petals in salads, teas and as a decoration in dessersts. You can find many recepies on the internet but you better be careful. Some flowers shouldn’t be eaten. Look below to see how flower cuisine is still enjoyed today.

How to eat flower cuisine?

  • Eat flowers that can be consumable. If you don’t know if you can eat them, check a book and search for edible flowers and plants. We want you safe.
  • Eat flowers safe for comsuption. We totally recomend you to eat flowers that you have grown yourself. Many places use pesticides in plants so it is better to take care of your own flowers for comsuption.
  • Eat just the petals.

Types of flowers in flower cuisine:

  1. Allium: Blossoms from the allium family are edible. Flavors can go from soft until a hard garlic flavor. The important and incredible of this kind of plant is that you can consume it all of it.
  2. Anise Hyssop: Who don’t like the licorice flavor. Flowers and leaves from the anise hyssop are perfect if you are searching for giving that fllavor to your dishes.
  3. Carnations: the pets of this beautiful flowers taste sweet. It is amazing how their blossoms can taste sweet and give you a really perfumed aroma.
  4. Bachelor Button: You need to avoid the bitter calyx so you better just try the grassy flavor of its petals.
  5. Bee Balm: If you like the minty flavor but don’t want to use the typical mint leaves, try with the bee balm. This red flowers have minty flavor and will give a totally different look to your food.
  6. Sunflowers: The petals of the sun flowers are edible too. The flavor you’ll get will be alike to the artichoke flavor
  7. Dandelion: This flower has been used for centuries. It is not only used for food but also as medicine. Young dandelions greens are delicious and tender. You can serve it with salads or sandwiches.
  8. Calendula: This flower taste a little bit peppery, tangy and spicy. If you want to decorate the bright color will get all the attention.
  9. Roses: The flavor that roses petals can produce are incredible. The strongly permuded flavor is perfect for drinks and desserts. All the roses are edible but it is important to let you know that the darker the variety, the better flavor you’ll get.

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