Flowers Abroad – Exploring Global Flowers

Flowers abroad

Traveling is one of the best things that you can do.

Exploring flowers abroad is also a great idea because sometimes you can find the best quality of flowers.

When traveling many people love going to the touristic places and buy the traditional gifts of each country. Nevertheless, it’s important to check and try the natural things that you can find in those new places. Many countries offer you different variety of flowers, for example: Egypt has the Lotus Flower, Slovenia has the Carnation Flower, Ethiopia has the Calla Lilies and Ecuador has the best roses in the world.

National Flowers

Exploring flowers opens your eyes to national flowers which are symbols that represent each country. Some national flowers have different meanings and have cultural and religious roots. Each country has it’s own flowers and some countries share them too. For example USA, Honduras, Ecuador, Maldives and more celebrate the national rose day.

One important and old example is the Lotus flowers or Water Lilly. Perhaps, Egypt was the first country that recognize plants to have a national flowers and plants day. They were the founders of this special celebrations that embrace the importance of plants. The white egyptian lotus flower is the only flower that can be planted in water and have a fruit and flower. This is a beautiful aquatic flower that represents Egypt. On the other hand, Ecuador have the best roses and have been awarded for it.

As a wholesale flower company we love offering you the best products. For this reason, many of our flowers come from Ecuador. We believe that this flower is the best one. Ecuador has a big variety of roses and their quality is the best and we let you have them without the need to travel to get them. In addition, if you want a different kind of flowers, we can search for them around the globe and send it directly to your door. We offer farm fresh flowers that will blow your mind because of how fresh they are. Exploring flowers brings you joy and new perspectives.

Credits: Paola Mejia