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The Best Flower Tea Options

Do you like drinking tea? Nothing best than driking real flower tea and enjoy the pure and fresh flavor that they can offer. Many of this flowers you can grow them in your garden or at home, you can even buy dried flowers. Also, you can find these flower teas in markets that will sell you already in tea bags. Nevertheless, it will be better to try something natural and different. Check some of the different flowers that you can grow to make your own fresh flower tea.


Rose Petal Tea: This special tea can be made from roses. You can use diferent parts of them to give your warm cup of tea a special flavor. Mostly people like using petals and in particular, it gives a more stronger taste. You can usea fresh, steeped or dried roses. The good thing about this flower tea is that it is nice to mix with other type’s of teas.


Lotus:  This flower is really know in India and Egypt, is one of two extant species of aquatic plant in the family Nelumbonaceae. This tea is made from combinatios of leaves, flowers, seeds and also roots of the mystical flower known as Lotus. Mos people mix it with green tea to create a special grassy flavor but an aromatic blend.


Lavender: This beautiful violet  flower has an amazing taste and a delicious smell. Many people drink this kind of flower tea if they have disestive issues and need to relax. This flower tea has been used to add flavor even to food so we totally recomend you to try this exotic tea.


Chamomille: This flower has been used for several years all around the world. This flower tea is known for drinking it before going to sleep and to relieve stomach issues.


Mint: Many people believe that mint flower will probably taste as fresh as chewing gum. But it actually taste like green leaves. This plant is one of the most used flowers in the world. One of the most know benefits is oral health.


We encourage you to check all our varieties of roses and special flowers that we can offer.


Credits: Paola Mejia

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