Engagement Season

Engagement Season


Did you know that 40% of all engagements happen between November and Valentine’s Day?

Engagement Season

According to the knot, one of the most famous websites about weddings this fact it’s true. Many people get engaged around this dates. For this reason, if you have a friend that has just been engaged let them know that they had contributed to that 40% of the statistics.

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Let me tell you a little bit more of the special flowers that we can offer for this engament season. If you are planning to propose use red roses to symbolize the power of your love. On the other hand, if you have already proposed or know someone that will marry in the future… tell them to CHECK OUR WEBPAGE!

We have many different colors of roses that you can find on our page. We have Quicksand roses that are perfect for a vintage style wedding. Also, we have the beautiful Baby’s Breath that will give more volume to your flower arragements. Beside those ones, we have white roses, carnations, cala lillies and more. It will always depend on the kind of style that you want to put to the proposal or wedding.

if you are planning to buy a big quantity please call us to give you special prices and the best service too. We are here to help. Magnaflor not only wants to provide you with the best flowers but we also want to be part of every special moment. Style every moment with our farm fresh flowers and impress all of your friends, family, guests, etc.

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