DIY St. Patrick’s Day 2022

Make this St. Patrick’s Day a DIY St. Patrick’s Day!

Like all holidays there are opportunities to create a memorable social gathering for adults and/or kids. Holidays are an excuse to catch up with family and friends and also an excuse to set a new mood around the home or the office. It is hard to say what is the proper amount of guests, food or decorations, but ultimately what can make your gathering extra special is to do it full on DIY.A DIY St. Patrick’s Day looks at two major things, food and decorations. Create a paper mache Leprechaun or a pot of gold. Everyone admires paper mache when done well, so make sure to do it well! Combine rainbow colored tablecloths or create playful carefree sayings on cardstock and attach to long wooden skewers. These are great for guests to take photos with and post on social media. Also you should import flowers from Ecuador! Magnaflor has you covered with green dyed and tinted roses. You can choose from the bi-color green and white or the tinted full shamrock. You can also take a look at our full catalog of our naturally green roses. These are more subtle, but just as beautiful and unique as many have never seen a real green rose.Now on to the food. One thing you will know for sure is that you want your treats to be festive but also tasty. Look for quality recipes for guacamole, green dye cakes and green drinks! Some good ideas are homemade green beer, shamrock shaped dyed cakes, pot o’ gold cakes and homemade cookies in the shape of shamrocks, horseshoes and leprechauns. You also can create rainbow jello shots for the adults in the room. These are always sure to please. Pistachio macaroons or pistachio pudding cups are also a great way to add some flair to all the usual suspects.

When your guests are full of food and booze, and their kids crashing from their sugar rush and the celebration is winding down, nothing will give your party space a more calming vibe than the premium Ecuadorian flowers that you ordered from Magnaflor. The XXL blooms and the gorgeous green tones will have your guests staring until it is time to go home.Magnaflor also has great green preserved roses to give to your sleepy guests as they walk out the door. With the proper care these last 3-5 years and when placed in a prominent place in their home they will always remember the amazing party and the amazing time they had on St. Patrick’s Day  2022.

Reference: Austin Stewart