How To Make A Gorgeous DIY Bouquet

How To Make A Gorgeous DIY Bouquet

Make a DIY Bouquet at home, first of all, don’t be afraid to mix and match the flowers! Think outside to box and make your own special Bouquet.

First step:  Figure out what kind of flowers you want

If you are thinking of making your own arrangement you will have to first figure out what kind of flowers you want, are you going to use roses? Spray roses or Baby’s breath?

A good guideline is to limit yourself to three or four colors; using too many colors can confuse the eye and weaken your design.

At our webshop of Magnaflor we offer around 100 varieties of roses. We have also spray roses and Gypsophila that we can offer.

Baby’s breath you great filler for bouquets. At our website of Magnaflor we offer find Xlence Baby’s breath and Million Baby’s Breath, also Baby’s breath in different colors.


Second step:  collect the items you need:

  • Flower shear, there are special scissor that will make cutting your flowers more easy.
  • Floral tape, normally this tape you will find it in green.
  • Bouquet pins

DIY bouquet

  • Bouquet wrapping

DIY bouquet wrapping


  • Flower of your choice
  • A bucket
  • Water; most flowers do best in lukewarm water, which is easier for stems to absorb.

Or just get one our DIY Bouquet kits for FREE with a $39.99 purchase!

Third step:  find the flowers:

  • You can make your own professional-looking affordable DIY bouquet by buying your flowers at a flower market, wholesaler or even directly from the growers.
  • You can buy them at a flower market, when you buy flowers at the market or corner store, make sure the flowers you’re buying are fresh.
  • A wholesaler
  • OnlineShop

With Magnaflor we give you the possibility to purchase online your flowers from the farms in Ecuador a deliver them till your door. It’s so easy to push a button and order flowers online


Fourth step: Look for a workspace

A large table or a kitchen counter can be a great space to make your arrangements.


Fifth step: Finally when you have everything get creative!


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